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  1. Let this be a lesson why you reraise with Krablar
  2. On a slightly related note, if I ever had a counterfeit bill, I`d take it to the casino, where they never check it at tables gamest o see if it`s legitMaybe someone else thought the same way
  3. Administrator: All tournaments have been paused. Play will resume at approximately 17:08 ET.
  4. Ever wonder if they have lost control of the machine?
  5. Beyond today, I've been finding it's been acting wonky. I've seen it where on two tables, I was Sitting Out/Disconnected, yet I could see all the action at the table (minus my hole cards)Strange, because to see the action I'd need to be connected to their server, but if I was, why couldn't I hop back in? Lasted a few minutes, no harm no foul, but you never know
  6. I went with Tony Danza because I'm the boss(This was a screen cap I took because the other dude had a Dream Theater album cover... badass, but not me)
  7. PA's call screams superuser abilities, Jesus that was sick
  8. Friday Omaha Hi/Lo looks nice, too bad Oktoberfest starts friday
  9. Golf has an all timemoney list, and I bet Jack Nicklaus is maybe 600th all time, but clearly he's one of the greatest everBracelets is a pretty good benchmark, isn't it?
  10. http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/ranking/1Hendon says DN is 1st, Ivey is 3rd, but only back by ~330k
  11. Ask daddy and your problem is solvedOr fake your own death, either or
  12. Is there any possible answer that you could get that helps?I'm sorry you blew your roll, but that's your own fault. Don't troll for pity. Practice self-control next time.
  13. Arrived Friday night, dice and Body English at hard Rock. BE has some of the most beautiful servers I have ever seen. 2 for 1 bottles didnt hurt either.Went to 25 casinos on Saturday to collect a 1 dollar chip as a souveneir, ate at Todai and crucified my organs, more liquor, more bullshitSunday was football at Hooters, MGM and Caeser's... lost a big parlay by half a point because the Giants but took Jets, 49ers and Bills with the points so that put me upMonday was gun range and more drinking/dice/blackjack/wanderingMissed flight Monday night, cost me 50 bucks, 1 extra layover and 8 hours all
  14. Leaving todayLook for the dude with a permanent semi at the dice table throwing back free beer
  15. Kind of reminds me of when A-Rod called for a popup while rounding the bases and the ball dropped in between playersIt's not against the rules, but he got a ball thrown at his back next time he came into townClearly this dude needs to get slowrolled by Roland at some point and everyone is even
  16. AgreedAli is a good choice, but Gabe Kaplan bugs me
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