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  1. Sick brag, gl to the horsies
  2. They have before, and aired a lot of event sif not all, but I suppose the ratings weren't there from a Stud Hi/Lo table filled with people you've never heard ofSomeone spot make 1500 for the Omaha8 events?
  3. What's his biggest weakness? Got any tells to share?
  4. $5R Omaha8 MTTs are softer than my bellyNever played any lower stakes but I can only imagine they would be even softer.
  5. You played that hand better than anybody I thinkETA: oh, and good luck and such
  6. It seems far more likely from a money POV than it does from a logic POVI don't think the NHL Board of Governors would like to have a professional gambler as an owner. The league would shy away from it, given the whole Gretzky gambling issue
  7. I'm probably the coolest and most respected member of this forum, so pretty much whatever I say is gospel
  8. I assumed PIYA was piss on your ashes
  9. It's a freaking bonus, grind it out and move onYou wont have enough data on the opponents to make any informed decision by the time the bonus is clearedUnless it takes like 10k hands to clear a bonus...
  10. Do you really need stats for bonus whoring?Just sign up and grind, who cares
  11. Works for 4 days max, you cant expect to consistently win 18% at higher stakesI think you'd have better luck being a strong player and not setting an individual percentage goal but just wait for good spots and bleed em to deathNow that I've made a real response, HU4ROLLZ?
  12. Omaha 8 is the only game I actually play wellIn
  13. It's also the only activity will practice right in front of you without actually holding equipmentNobody practices their jumpshot during a conversation
  14. gibler321 currently top 10 in Mirriongl sir
  15. Pwning soulshttp://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=92990
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