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  1. Two words for you CanadiansRod Black
  2. Earlier today there was a link i think in this forum to a website detailing the highest earning players everanyone remember that link? i can't find it
  3. I have to say my favourite difference is how Sexton and Van Patten commentateWhen a celebrity pushes all-in with middle pair with a bad kicker, it's a "strong aggressive play". When the pro goes off his rocker and does that, it's "reckless"Doesn't seem fair does it?
  4. I had AA cracked by 32 off with a 932 rainbow flop... yah that stung a bit
  5. You have account problems too huh?I had my account blocked temporarily because of 'payment related problems', took 2 days and plenty of phone calls andd faxes to prove I am who I say I am
  6. Slightly off topic, but does anybody know what Josh's ethnic background is?A persian buddy of mine would love to have a good persian player to cheer for
  7. "I saw it on celebrity poker and Phil Gordon said it was a good idea"
  8. The WSOP multitable qualifiers will set you back 300+28, and from what I've seen, the play is pretty good but not unbeatableI stick to sit and go's myself, $50 buy ins, and while I'm an average players, good tight play banks me in 45% of the tournies, which is a solid little bankroll for a lower limit player like myself
  9. This happens when I play with my buddies too...You have a superior hand preflop, he hits something on the flop, and you take it on the turn or river, and you suddenly become 'lucky'
  10. any of you guys ever come across massagegirl?If you get a chance, take a look at the PPM qualifying multitable tournies and see how many entries she's won on the cruise... I kid you not, probably a dozen
  11. My personal favourite lines...When he calls your KK... "I figured the ace would hit"Or of course after you take the bad beat... "I thought you were bluffing"
  12. I definitely think I'm more likely to tilt online because, as much as bad beats happen in real life, its frustrating to see a fish get you on a bad beatToo foten I find the stupid players are getting paid off calling their bad hands, and more than once I've tilted at the weaker players
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