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  1. I guess I gotta cheer for you now. Hijack the support why don't youGL TID
  2. PLO8Stiles2004 on Stars2 of 9$750 to winner so don't bust a nut about this one
  3. Well done, far better than I could do
  4. When something is 'fun', the government rarely does it as well as private business. Liquor sales, for example. They have shorter hours and higher prices. In Ontario, think of Proline compared o a Vegas sportsbookGood for them for trying but I can't see it being very good
  5. I bet all the hookers and blow will be limiting as well
  6. If I went on a 14k upswing I'd probably try to fellate myself
  7. I complain to the floor that my opponent has shown his live cards, he's declared dead and I scoopEasy game
  8. I would expect more from a player with the name Wreck A Nigg
  9. if you want all you can eat sushi and seafood, To Dai at PH was pretty freaking delicious
  10. You could take it up with a politician. Dan Quayle, for example
  11. Just because something helps two causes (Haiti and Poker Stars), does not make it a bad reason to donate
  12. For shits and giggles, can you post a photo of yourself and your fake ID?
  13. John Duthie: "It's so retarded on so many levels"Good to see he kept the commentary nice and family friendly. But yah, kinda sick... but Kobe makes a good point to... maybe it is retarded?
  14. Besides the brief Chief Hawk experiment? Yes
  15. I just got home, and cannot believe this is happening. I dont even know this dude and I'm sweating every card. Unreal
  16. How's the weather? Must be nice and warm this time of yearGL and such
  17. I'll take Eagles +4 for 25I don't bet a lot but I'm good for it, kobe2odom can vouch for me (I hope)
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