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  1. I had this idea awhile back and thought it would be a cool idea to do something like this.Anyway, if you're bored and want to do something fun, head over to:http://www.TheGreatSocialStory.comI'd appreciate if you might digg this and get some steam going, this could be a lot of fun if it gets going <3http://digg.com/people/You_can_help_write_...book_in_history
  2. id like to see a little of her class if you know what i mean
  3. there was 100% a snake in that ditch i hit my ball into
  4. If you had to choose 3 well known poker pros to be stuck on a desert island with, who would you pick and why?If you could be reincarnated as any animal, what animal would you be and why?
  5. also im totally dead money in the tournament since ill be wasted from golf
  6. maybe i'm a complete idiot, but i can't find it, can you link me?
  7. if anyone can find a link to the 'top issues' on the site, i've been looking to that at no avail(also, i voted )
  8. Full Tilt Poker Game #9994075696: $69 + $6 Sit & Go (75928180), Table 3 - 100/200 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:19:51 ET - 2009/01/12Seat 1: gotthezips (3,872)Seat 2: ms b 40 (3,770)Seat 3: montenegrorusko (5,856)Seat 4: tape dude (5,845)Seat 5: AJQ311 (1,620)Seat 6: mgerman23 (1,760)Seat 7: dome1117 (3,187)Seat 8: fbchai (4,800)Seat 9: rumblfish (2,690)rumblfish posts the small blind of 100gotthezips posts the big blind of 200The button is in seat #8*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to fbchai [8s 8h]ms b 40 foldsmontenegrorusko foldstape dude foldsAJQ311 calls 200mgerman23 foldsdome1117 foldsfbchai raises
  9. Sure, as long as you take care of the VIP host I refer you to for the specific club you want to visit.
  10. I actually know the answer to this one$50's are bad luck because when people got 'back-roomed' in Vegas during the old days, the guys who did the enforcing sodomized any perpetrator with stacks of $50 bills. Since then it's become sort of legend (at least in Vegas) that $50s are bad luck.
  11. - Told a dead baby joke to the CEO of a fortune 500 company- Saw John Mayer do stand up comedy- Urinated in a phone booth in London- Successfully completed the "Houdini" (shining moment in my life)
  12. If you need to get on any guest list for any club just PM me before you go and I'll hook you up as well
  13. dude! hi!clubs:Tuesday: Pure at Caesars... Industry night in LV, Pure is the place to be Tuesdays, everyone is there, it's a sick sick time.Wednesday: LAX at Luxor (and the lounge below it, I forget what it's called). Usually a low key night, but still really really fun.Thursday: Tryst at Wynn... awesome place.Friday: Bank at Bellagio, really cool...Saturday: Moon at the Palms, my favorite place in Vegas, you've been there!Follow up each night with a trip to Sapphires, which is the new rhino. You can throw in some rhino for after hours chicken fingers/mozzarella sticks, but at Sapphires you ca
  14. - Was an All-American lacrosse player in high school. Was an All-League basketball, baseball, and soccer player in HS also. GLORY DAYS!- Broke my finger playing a school for the deaf in basketball because a kid didn't hear the whistle and smacked my hand extremely hard before I inbounded the ball- Hit for the cycle in a baseball game- Poured beer over someone elses head in the middle of a bar- Participated in a 2v6 bar fight on the 2 side, and this is unrelated to the post directly above this- Witnessed my mother funnel a beer
  15. - Have never seen any of the Star Wars series- Competed at the 'pro gaming' level in Counter-Strike (CPL, Regional tournaments, etc) for real money- Been to a gay bar in Barcelona (an accident, I swear)- Seen two twin girls naked in the same room in real life
  16. haha, i took it out because i only have one picture to prove it that i can find, and didn't want to be called on it. but it was london, oslo, barcelona, rome
  17. - Am a published poet (seriously! like - omg - in a book!)- Partied with Rocco (the European porn star), his porn star girlfriend, and 4 other smoking hot blonde Norwegian porn stars at Tiger Tiger in Oslo, Norway- Have won a $50,000+ pot in online poker. Real money, 50/100 plo game on cake. I think it was $54,000 and change
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