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  1. The clock reads 3:03They all folded to meI raised the button three point five X.The big blind tanks and calls,I feel a twinge in my balls,Because poker is better than sex.I could live without women,I could live without booze,But can't live without gambling,Even though I always lose.They call me the fishAnd my feelings get hurt.I'll get up from the table,Balls tucked under my skirt.Confusion sets in.You said balls... and now skirt?Is it a man or a woman?Hey! Look! It's Suited_Up; Kurt!Now, sitting right in positionIs Kurt's imposition,One that we call Troyomac.Kurt touches his thighBrow raised
  2. you couldn't pay me enough to stay at the IP again
  3. you know there are things called "blogs" on the "internet"
  4. he's still around playing biggish games at the bellagio
  5. to get a table, it's generally a 1 bottle minimum for every 3 people. bottles start at $350ish in most clubs, but start more expensive at others. but, figure you'll end up spending at least a grand when you go out since you need to tip your host, security, and waitress.
  6. except for the fact that the ID was real and i was with a bunch of big spenders (except getsprung)
  7. If I talk on my phone for like an hour straight the battery just straight up dies and I have to charge it. Maybe mine is screwed up, I don;t know.
  8. :(I got this iPhone and it's been dying on me like crazy. If it didn't die after an hour of use, it'd be the perfect phone<3 u
  9. I actually didn't like Yellowtail at all when I went.When I go for sushi in vegas these days, it's Okada or Naked Fish.
  10. No, totally real, I was laughing at the situation's absurdity. I feel like they might have oversold the tables, and since this was our first time at XS, catered more to others than to us. :rolleyes:I've heard such good things about the place, though, that I really want to go anyway, even after this fiasco.
  11. So, I left my trip report off at Thursday night before I hit dinner and Tao.Tao was awesome. We had a sick table with a ton of foot traffic, easily one of the best tables in the place. Big ups to an excellent host who really took care of our party. I showed up with some of my regular, non-poker Vegas friends, and we were later joined by MrTimCaum, Roothlus, and would run into Bryn Kenney, Jamie Rosen, Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl, others. Was a solid night, we closed the club, I passed out instead of doing the normal rhino thing, and woke up Friday morning feeling halfway decent, surprising
  12. why, im taking you out for your birthday, cutie pai
  13. Got into Vegas on Wednesday afternoon, immediately went to Chipotle with a friend of mine. Got some burritos, ate them, had some great meetings, and once work was out of the way, hit up the food :)Had dinner at B&B at the Venetian, a Mario Batali restaurant. There were 6 of us, we had the 9 course tasting menu. We added the wine pairing to each course, which basically ensured that we'd get drunk. The food was delicious, and the standout for me was olive oil gelato. It was super interesting, a really unique taste, and I enjoyed it immensely! There was also a goat/sheep cheese in black truff
  14. Hi folks!I will be in Las Vegas from Wednesday March 11 until Monday March 16.If you're interested in having a good time, I encourage you to PM me so we can meet up!Friday night is a table (or 2) at XS, the new club at the Wynn. Yeah!Saturday night is a table (or 2) at Moon; Paul Oakenfold is spinning. Yeah!Sunday is all day drinking and gambling. Each night is finished at the Spearmint Rhino or Sapphires.Thursday night is kind of up in the air. I'm open to suggestions!Also, it is GetSprung's bday. LET'S BALL OUT
  15. will be in town then, anyone there besides the locals?
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