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  1. roses are red,violets ain't blackit's time for a poemthat tickles my sacktonight i drank beerwith getsprung and kugesprung flashed me a smileon his face i sploogedthey tried to play beer pong,the kuge and sprung team...the only thing they wonwas a face full of creamkuge armed the laser,sprung with the arc...their effort was futile,it was a walk in the park.i crushed them with ease,they sighed in defeat,i raised up my hands,yelling: "dead baby, we eat!"we left for a feast...to eat a 12 year old boyas we walked in the door,kuge yelled, "ahoy!"he was excited as hell,with sprung directly behind...jon yelled with glee,"first bite is mine!"they jockeyed for space,sprung got there first,kuge was upset,he pulled out his purse.sprung looked back at kuge,man purse in hand..."wtf is that?""it's my man purse, man!'sprung didnt know what to say.did kuge just come out?he wasnt just wearing a purse,but he was wearing a pout.pout and purse going on,kuge strutted to sprung.he looked him straight in the faceand said "i hope that you're hung!"kuge grabbed onto jon,pulled him out of the roomhe said to jon's face"i've been sodomized with a broom."sprung looked left and right,up, down, front and back..."don't tell anyone,but I'ma take you out back"Kuge and Sprung left together,Soul mates, possibly...But just leave it to CwikTo ruin their dreams.In came gorgeous Cwik,Rohypnol in hand...A rag over Sprung's face...And one devious plan...The night ended quickly.Kuge passed out alone.Sprung woke up in a bathtub...He seemed totally stoned.Cwik was out of sight,Jon was blacked out as ****.The bathtub full of iceWas an omen of suck.Organs gone, Memories lost...How does the day end?The moral of the story isAlways leave with a friend.

  2. the concept of what a weird IM from seth would be is mind blowing to me. this is a man who had his pants stolen by a taxi and still went out for the night wearing a towel instead.
    hahahaNo, I didn't get hacked -- I posted a link on twitter, twitter shortens it, and my twitter is connected to my facebook.IM - just needed a quick favor over on 2p2, but got it handled.I keep my shit on lockdown!
  3. Just responding to PMs.Front of the line are people that can put in volume... it helps if I know you as well.I'd also be very willing to consider a larger stake for people playing on their own roll right now if you:a - put in volume at RPMB - showed to be a winner after a decent sample sizeAt that point, it's just a numbers game... 5k, 10k, whatever... if anyone wants to go this route, PM me and we can work something out.

  4. If you're a limit holdem player and want to play on someone elses dime, I'm looking for 5 people to take 1k and grind 2/4 LHE.If you're interested, post in this thread!Edit for rules:- This is on RPM Poker- You keep your winnings, we split rakeback- Try not to go broke.- Sit in games, start games, whatever. Just play!

  5. I'm looking for action on this bet at 1:1, just straight up bet that I can't do it.I'm going to go from August 1st until the day before New Years Eve. No drinking alcohol, no strip clubs. If you know me, that's going to be tough as hell.No drinking means absolutely no drinking alcohol of any kind. My social life more or less revolves around drinking with my friends, and my professional life also has a fair amount of night-life meetings involved. This is really kind of a huge commitment. Right now I live in New York City, and within a few months I will be relocating to Las Vegas. So, I'll be surrounded by night life and partying wherever I go. Yikes.If anyone is interested, I'm can take up to $30,000 in action (obviously split among a lot of people) and that's my absolute limit.As far as enforcement goes, I can buy a breathalyzer, blow into it a few times a day, take a picture with a piece of paper and the date next to it, and upload it.This isn't easy by any means and I'm not sure if I can do it, but I'm interested in a long term prop and couldn't really think of anything else that would really be difficult and interesting.Let's do this!EDIT: As far as escrow goes, I have a number of reliable, well known players who would hold the cash for this bet, and I'd be willing to personally vouch for the money if it mysteriously went missing.Booked Action:Gilbertology - $100

  6. What's up Mr. King!I've been IMing you, calling you, texting you, facebook msg'd you, sent you a PM on 4bb. Been trying to reach you for like the past 3 weeks I've been in Las Vegas.I'm leaving town in the morning and I still haven't been able to reach you, so this thread is kind of my last resort here as I'm pretty sure you'll see it at some point. I never got to play pong with you because I've been retarded sick, otherwise I might've seen you at Blondies :)Anyway, if you could just send what you owe me on FTP, that'd be awesome. My FTP name is "shamas otoole" and the city L, avatar is the leprechaun. I sent this same message in a PM on FCP too.Thanks Bro Montana!Love, Seth

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