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  1. sorry stupid post Just Ignore
  2. hey,I play micro limits on FTP. $.10-$.25 nh 6 players maxI was doing ok but lately when I raise I'm getting re raise and I have to fold.For example:I raised to $.80 on the button I get re raised to $2.25I had KQs then same game I have QJs I raise to .80 I get re resisted to $2.I raise in the late position with QKs, JQs AJs ,AQs, A10s and cards like that.so my question is: do I play to tight when I fold a re-raises ?and How do I play against a player that is playing very aggressive.Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info that was what I was looking for....Thanks
  4. What is the best Poker Odds or poker tracker program. Thanks
  5. requested to join this groupThanksNorbert
  6. Hi !I'm thinking of going to Fallsview or Naiagra Casino this week but I don't know how the Rake works on the tables.I thinking of playing 1/2 nl or 2/4 limit.What is a rake on those tables.Thanks
  7. Hey!I have a question about private poker servers.I'm looking for software that I can start a private game.I found one program that you start a server on your PC and then your friends connect to it.The software that I found is called PokerApp.It's ok but I was looking for something that looks nicer.Anyone know any other software like that?Thanks
  8. HeyI'm was just wondering.Where are the biggest online cash games played ? Where do the pros go and play ?Thanks
  9. Hi ,I’m thinking of signing up at poker stars.do they have sigh up bonus or referrals?Thinks
  10. I was just wondering if any one knows the name of the program that it’s used at WSOP to manage the tournaments I saw few pictures of it and it looks good, it show you the time left and how many players are left and the value of the chips.I was wondering if any one know the name of itThanks
  11. Hey!I missed the secret keyword today and I was wondering if someone has it and can pass it on.Thanks
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