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  1. For everyone who says they dont like loose low limit games because too many players play trash to the river, perhaps you ought to take a look at your own skills, because there is alot of money to be made in these games. In fact you will make far more in this type of game than you will when youre in a game where your opponents know how to fold. It boils down to an unwillingness to change gears and play poker a little differently. You want to be able to bluff pots, because thats the way you play. Maybe you should consider changing the way you play to suit the situation?
  2. This is probably why you dont win at No Limit.
  3. OP: You never mentioned how many hands you played when you felt you were playing well. It is very possible that you were on a hot streak and interpreted that as an indication that you were playing well. Now that youre running at least below average, you are starting to feel as though maybe youre playing poorly.We need to know how many hands you played when you were winning, and how many hands youve been losing for. Reading SSHE should improve your game in small stakes substantially.
  4. I wanted to chime in and say how I would play it.I would raise preflop as you did, and on the flop I would have to bet, and depending on how many callers 3 bet a raise. I think it's nice that the button bet this time, but thats too much of a risk when you have a vulnerable hand. Id be sick to see it get checked and have a K or Q on the turn. If opponent is on a weak ace you most likely wont be raised, but if hes on a flush draw he may raise. Thus my thoughts on flop 3 bet if youre raised. Turn and River, both the turn and river are actually dependant on what kind of player button is. If he is passive you should be betting both the turn and the river. You are much more likely to win the hand if a passive is calling you, than if you are calling him. If he is aggressive, you can think about inducing a bluff, but still on the turn you risk giving a free card. So I bet. The river i check versus a tight aggressive opponent hoping to induce a bluff.
  5. ///In the heads up match with KGB vs. Mike:1. First hand. The blinds are initially 25 and 50. Who the hell raises to 1000 with KK?///He must have read Smash's theory
  6. OK let's see you lost a total of $1500 at 15/30 playing every hand. Thats only a 50 BB downswing, thats NOTHING. I wonder how bad those beats really were. Good players plan on surviving many 50 BB swings, its pretty run of the mill. Im a little annoyed that you have no idea what youre doing bankroll management-wise yet your fairy godmother and every other of heavens angels apparantly come down to make sure you dont go broke.
  7. Ok, the real reason people suggest bankrolls of 1000xBB at high limits is because of the simple fact that:If your win rate is marginal at a game, you have a greater the chance of you having a large downswing. Remember , there are different kinds of "winning players" some only beat the game for .75 BB/100, some beat it around 2BB/100. Given the same bad run such as -1SD the marginal player is down a greater amount than the player with the higher winrate. Think, if youre playing 20/40 and above, almost anyone is less likely to have such a big edge. So a large bankroll makes sense. But at small stakes like 3/6 it is not as important. Unless youre already a marginal winner.
  8. "Hey. your clever.. masterbation does make you witty eh."Its not masturbation that makes me witty, its you being in the same room.
  9. No way, you must think the world is flat LOL.He couldnt make it look so REALISTIC in MSpaint. Go back and read the thread, these screenshots could not have been faked. Im a graphic designer.
  10. If you knew how to use graphics programs youd understand that cutting and pasting a square shape is the same whether in Paint or Photoshop. Theres nothing less "realistic" about the process in one of the other. They both quite simply cut an image at the specified pixel range, usually denoted by a marque tool.
  11. I would LOVE to see you do that in paint.... LOVE IT! Please go try!As a logo finalist and professional Industrial Designeri will gladly second thisI would love to see anyone doctor a picture. or even a damn cartoon in paint.P.S.. Kurt., wheres your glamourshot??..You woudlnt have to edit it except to paste different screenshots together. Heres what OP did.1 take screenshot of stars and pokerpal preflop. 2 take screenshot of pokerpal after the flop or whenever you so choose.cut & paste in ANY program, jsut becasue theres a MS paint pallette in the background doesnt mean he doesnt have Photoshop. However, I beleive cutting and pasting these windows together would not be too much trouble in paint. C'mon people, do you just blindly beleive whatever far - fetched tale youre told, or do you look for other possabilities first?
  12. Everyone here who beleives the OP is so ridiculously gullible, it hurts.Why would you NEED to take a screenshot into paint, take another screenshot after that, and then open it back up in paint to save as a jpeg?The very fact that OP pasted several screenshots together is proof that they are not "unedited"
  13. please read the entire thread before posting. Thank you.No.It's painfully clear this is a ruse.
  14. I love how in these "unedited" screenshots you can clearly see a color swatch pallette from a paint program in the background.
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