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  1. Oh please, some of you guys talk as if you wouldn't do it if you had the opportunity.If the manufacture is willing to continue to produce these cars knowing that these issues exists, that's ok right? When the manufactures were able to grease enough palms to have a law put in place where there is "no cooling off period", is that right? You know how many shady dealers there are in this state, that have screwed over some many customers time and time again. If the customer buys the car they have to just live with it?All I'm trying to do is play their game. Buy a car that has these known issues
  2. Speedz, you disappoint me....First off, he only had the G35 for 2 years before he lemoned it. I'm assuming his payment was around $600 and he probably put a couple of grand down. So, his total out of pocket was let say $17,000 (which includes oil changes and maintenance) to drive the car for 2 years. If after 3 years his residual is $17,000 (which it was probably closer to $20,000) and he sold the car for $17,000 then he just lost all of his payments, down payment and expenses.By lemoning it, he drove the car for 2 years and got back almost all of his money. Get it?
  3. Call it what you will... If it works, then great. If not then like I said I still drove a car for 3 years with a decent payment. If the car manufactures are willing to screw over the average buyer then I'm willing to screw them back.
  4. Sorry no images yet.I was having a lot of trouble deciding which way to go as far as new car. My M45 was a 2003, which was not the same design as the pictures above. Don't get me wrong it was an awesome car and the best car I've own/leased thus far. But I did get a steal on it when I leased it at the end of 2003. My lease on the M45 was $500 drive off and $520/month for 39 months with 15k miles/year.I really, really liked the new M45's but I did not want to have a $700+/- payment.Also, my uncle works for GM and he was able to get me the GM family discount price (GMS price). I got into the
  5. The lease on my Infiniti M45 is ending on the 22nd so I've been car shopping for the past month. I decided on a 2007 GMC Yukon.Pictures to come...
  6. lolI've heard a couple of his songs on the radio before, but my buddy of mine just burned the CD for me. I like a few of the songs on there.
  7. I don't spin the wheel.
  8. Quaker Chewy Granola BarPeanut Butter Chocolate Chip FlavorWho ever first thought of mixing peanut butter and chocolate is a freaking genius!
  9. I have a Toshiba Satellite S2405-S221.
  10. How do I reformat a computer when I've lost the CD's that came with it?
  11. OMG! Video of the year!!!!!http://break.com/index/horny_odie_the_wonder_dog.html
  12. 00110001 00110000 00110001 00110000 00110001 00110000
  13. http://www.podfitness.com/
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