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  1. Yeah, I had my doubts. I wouldn't have picked that picture for you either. Did Johnny Chan or Freedie Deeb happen to sell you that shirt?LOL...take care man!-Frank
  2. Hey Daniel,Is this really you? If not, I'd have your guys talk to the webmaster.http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...BA436C192193812Just wondering,Frank
  3. It should also be noted that if Hellmuths 9's hadn't held up against him at the Main Event. He would have won 3 main events braclets in row! The fact that he won back to back titles and then went on to place 2nd the third year is an accomplishment that will never be repeated.
  4. scotty nguyen hands down. Everytime he opens his mouth he makes me laugh.
  5. I recently read Dan Harrington's books and found them very helpful in improving my game. It goes a little bit deeper into the game then most other books. The "elements of a hand" in the first chapter is a great example. It will be an easier read if have already read Sklansky's "Theory of Poker" and "Tournament Poker for Advanced Players" as he makes several refrences to the Gap Concept and also calculating Pot odds and Implied Odds. It is the best written of all the books I've read.
  6. i've already read (and re-read) Theory of Poker...Has anyone seen the DVD? Any comments?
  7. i've already read (and re-read) Theory of Poker...Has anyone seen the DVD? Any comments?
  8. i've already read (and re-read) Theory of Poker...Has anyone seen the DVD? Any comments?
  9. Personally, I think this is a pretty harsh thing to say about someone on their own website, in a forum made specifically for his fans. There are so many better things we could be talking about then this. Please don't spread rumors or pry into Daniel's personal life. This is one of the best poker sites out there put together by any pro. I'm sure he never intended it to become a spinoff of "E! News live." :sick: Let's let him live his life and enjoy what he decides to share with us as a privilage. We have no buisness prying otherwise. Now let's talk poker....Just MHO,(I'll get off my soa
  10. I play in a bi-weekly home game. These are some of the things that could have been over heard at our game. I would never condone saying these things in a B&M cardroom (or online for that matter). But amongst friends.... it's some pretty funny stuff. Out of respect fot Daniel's forum, they have been edited for content, but I'm sure you all could find some more "colorful" words to interject. Enjoy...(after losing a big pot) Aw, buck up. It's not as bad as when that biker raped you---Ooh sorry, did let the cat outta the bag?I haven't had a hand like that since your mother jerked me off a
  11. I saw that article. The tourney is a in a heads-up format I believe? Some of the match ups they are advertising are great!Chris Moneymaker Vs. Sam FarhaScotty nguyen Vs. Phil IveyJohnny Chan Vs. Eric SiedelDoyle Brunson Vs. Daniel NegreanuPhil Hellmuth Vs. Phil "Unabomber" LaakAnnie Duke Vs. Howard LedererTalk about great drama! I hope this thing comes together.
  12. My girlfriend couldn't understand at first what my facination with poker was all about, but being as great as she is, she allowed me to teach her to play. Now she understands. My girlfriend comes to the casino with me, but she is never sitting behind me bored. She's sitting in on the action. I consider myself pretty a pretty lucky guy. I guess all people are different. It does take a special someone to understand you. You just have to find the right one. :wink:
  13. He said he had the 6 9 that makes a straight flush. I wouldn't say you played the hands too poorly unless you think raising sooner and getting re-raised would have made you lay the hand down. It sounds to me like you wouldn't have laid the hand down no matter what, so I'm not sure where we can help you. 8)
  14. He actually didn't play as many tournaments as usual. He has been busy promoting his other wares. I'm sure some of you must have seen him on the Home Shopping Network, selling his chip sets, DVDs, etc... He says he will be playing a lot more poker this year. He's figured out what Micheal Jordan figured out in the 80's. If you make a name for yourself, your name will make money for you. As we all know, he made lot more money from endorsements then he ever did playing basketball, even as great as a player he was.
  15. Here is a great story with an even greater ending by Doyle Brunson from "Poker Wisdom of a Champion...""I don't like the word sucker." As Bobby Baldwin pointed out in his book, not everyone plays poker for the same reason. Maybe you're in it for the money and maybe you're not. Some folks will consider it almost sinful to talk about playing poker for recreation, but millions of Americans do just that. I'd wager that for every single person who masters the game, several thousand are just casual players who take their breaks as they come, hoping to win a little spending money. Well, ther
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