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  1. It's not quite as simple as doubling the stakes.The only casino game I've played with a Kill is 2/4 Omaha Hi/Lo w/ Half Kill.In this game, if someone SCOOPS a pot greater than $30, they receive a "Kill" button.They are then required to post a blind bet of $3 in the next hand. That hand is then played at 3/6 limit. However, the regular big and small blinds remain $2 and $1, unless they are the player with the kill button. On the hand, if the pot is split or is less than $30, the Kill button is returned to the dealer and the stakes return to 2/4. If someone scoops a Kill pot greater than $30
  2. I don't know which forum to put this message in, so I am just putting it in general poker. Moderators can move it if they see fit.I am asking someone at FCP support to please respond. Here is my situation:During November, I signed up to be an FCP charter member using this account. When FCP relaunched, I couldn't seem to get any information on my charter membership, so I did the FCP live chat thing to get it sorted out. I spoke to "Misha". She told me I should create a new account on FCP (which I did under the name NickGx) and she would have a manager change the status to charter member an
  3. There is a new book out about the Kelley criteria and its application to both gambling and investments called "Fortune's Forumla". A very interesting read.Basically, the formula defines the percentage of your bankroll that you can invest over repeated iterations of a positive EV game such that you will maximize you expected value while having zero chance of going broke.It's not quite as simple as knowing you have a 30% chance to hit a draw...you have to know what your expected value is versus the amount you wagered. So if you invest $1 for a 30% chance of winning $4, your EV is $1.2, and yo
  4. I'm sorry...I don't understand what this means.With respect to the original email, I really can't remember. If I did get it, I can no longer find it.
  5. I signed up to be a charter member a couple weeks ago, but I haven't been getting any of these emails everyone is talking about. How do I know if I am actually a charter member or not? I only have one email account, so that should not be an issue.
  6. I 3-table at Party Poker and tend to see about 200 hands per hour total. But it tends to vary widely by tables....75/hour at one table, 45/hour at another, etc.
  7. I just realized what I posted contains a mistake...on the odds of having the quad and flush hands, where I use 2/(48*47), it should be 2/(47*46), and where I use 2/(46*45), it should be 2/(45*44)...changes the final result to 1 in 160 million, not 1 in 175 million.
  8. A few comments:With respect to the starting hands, you're calculating the specific probability that three specific players have the three specific hands you pointed out. What we are really interested in is whether ANY three players at the table have the hands we are interested in. At a 10-person table, this could occur in any of 720 combinations, so you'd have to multiply your final result by that. Although if we are giving the hero the jacks, rather than just any player, its only 72.Along the same lines, you are calculating the probably that the board will read what it did in the specif
  9. Yeah, I don't see any problem with the way he played it. You have to slowplay the flop, because you want people to draw to their straights and flushes and what not...especially since other people were betting for him. The one thing I don't understand is that he said he checked on the flop, and then the SB bet. If he was on the button, why was he acting first on the flop?
  10. I don't know the exact answer to this question, but I know your basic numbers aren't right. The odds you are using are for 5-card hands (e.g. 5-card stud), not 7-card hands as in Hold-em. The chances of getting quads or a straght flush are thus MUCH higher than you estimate.In about 25,000 hands I have on poker tracker, I have ended up with quads on 0.14% of hands where the river has been dealt (regardless of whether I stayed it). Thus suggest to me that the chance of hitting quads is better than 1/1000. I know the chance of FLOPPING quads if you have a pocket pair already is 1/400.
  11. Whether to play tight or loose at a very loose table really depends on how aggressive the other players are preflop.If everyone is just limping in, then you can also limp in with all sorts of speculative hands, because the amount of money you have to pay before seeing whether they hit is very small in proportion to the pot size.However, the OP said that every pot is CAPPED preflop. In this case, you have to invest a lot more preflop into each hand in proportion to the final pot, so you probably aren't getting odds on hands that have an 5-10% chance to hit.I would still probably play middle-to
  12. I wish their were more non-NLHE event too, but I can't fault them for doing what they are doing. I mean, who exactly would benefit from having more non-NLHE games at the WSOP?Here's who benefits from NLHE:- The casino and its staff: They get a lot more people entering NLHE events, so they generate a lot more business this way- Amateur players: They are the ones who only want to play NLHE, so they get a lot more opportunities to play.- Pro players: NLHE gives them a greater advantage over amateur players than limit games, and the larger fields leave a lot more dead money for them to pick up.-
  13. The PLISTINGS code should work for everyone for up to $150, unless you have recently cashed out. I'm currently about halfway through my 1500 hands for this bonus.The morning, I also got a 25UPTO100DEAL bonus offer, which I will deposit to as soon as I finish working off the current bonus. Apparently everyone received different offers on this front, with some people gettiing offers in the form of Party Points earned. For VIP members, I'm guessing it depends on the VIP deal that was offered at the beginnning of the month.
  14. This might be an interesting story...I don't know because it is completely unreadable. Would it be that much harder to use actual sentences when writing long posts?
  15. I don't want to come off as a smart-ass....but it's a POKER game....how many bugs and errors could their be? It's not like they have to deal with some sophisticated graphics engine with frame rate and camera angle concerns. My impression was the big draw was the AI, but I thought this was more or less imported from one of the existing models.
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