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  1. Gin and Tonic is the God's elixir. Happy New Year to you and everyone at FCP.
  2. It's always nice to come home, especially with money. nice job.
  3. Interesting take on the social networking. You put it out there, now you want it restricted in some fashion. Of course you don't want your company/clients seeing the "real" you, but yet you put the real you out there. FB is mainstream. Not sure how you can argue that it should be "private" in some manner.
  4. i'm getting rooms for $25/night at Luxor. Who can pass that up?
  5. Find your way to NM and you're in!
  6. leave for Vegas in T minus 15 hours.
  7. Hope nothing important was broke! You're hispanic?
  8. Glad the storms didn't do anyone any harm.Vegas in 4 days and counting.Except i'm taking tomorrow off to play golf, so that's a non-work day, so it doesn't count. 3 days and counting!
  9. You're a good wife. Now I'm hungry.
  10. Glad you are okay, hicken! That is some scary times!
  11. I'm good. I bailed on social networking sites. Like this site, I no longer spend most of my time at a computer where I can do such things. only sometimes on a drunken weekend do I check in and try to behave.Seen the Wisconsin "uprising". good luck!
  12. long time no see! not around much, left with my tail between my legs, only occasionally check in. How are you doin?
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