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  1. Yeah seems like he could have worse enough to call getting like 3 to 1 or whatever it is. I don't love it, but at the lower stakes people are more apt to do dumb things like overvalue A7 and weird shit.Mark
  2. They have a twitter account (thepokerbay) that you can check for updates.Mark
  3. Vanessa really needs to get replaced by Amanda Leatherman to make this a tougher marry/kill/****. Right now it's super easy.Mark
  4. In a not at all funny twist of fate, Amak sucked out on NC in a 3/5nl game at the Bellagio this summer. Standard ... sigh.Mark
  5. I didn't have a monster graph to post this morning, so Matt gets donuts instead :)Mark
  6. *hug*It's National Donut Day today. Free donut with the purchase of coffee at Dunkin and I think Krispy Kreme.Mark
  7. Your dreams have come true, because he is. Apparently he's down a little but has about $100K on the table.Mark
  8. Live feed of Laak's world record attempt at the Bellagio:http://acejones.com/unabomber-poker.htm10/20nl obv. Someone just said he's stuck about $7K at the moment even though he has a mountain of chips. (bought in for $100K)Mark
  9. hahahahah this made me laugh super hard :)VB gets about another hour before I start sending him death threats.Mark
  10. It won't be more than 40 on average. 35 to 40 is the generally accepted standard.Mark
  11. jcmoussa posted on 2p2 today that Daniel told him at the NAPT that he banned himself from 2p2 because he was upset at how he was treated in the hand advice threads he posted? This true?If so, Daniel I'd probably get some thicker skin. Like everyone said in the help thread, you were treated pretty well on a whole. Most of 2p2 are 12 year olds, so you're going to run into a lot of silliness.Mark
  12. Pretty sick (in a good way) graph imo. Bluff slightly less with your image and you'll be rocking imo.Mark
  13. I really need to take her pic next time I'm in and post it :)Mark
  14. From aejones in the 2p2 thread regarding Daniel's K9 hand:**********since most people know they can get whatever info they need on training sites nowadays anyways and no one reads HSNL and no one will probably read this post except DN, i might as well say what needs to be said.the flop is an 'okay' lead only if we know that it is a proper bet-fold or bet to induce against these players. multi-way i would choose not to lead it with less information because we do have some showdown value and i would rank our hand strong enough to check-call instead of turning it into a bluff.the turn is okay to
  15. Antonio is still regarded as one of the best live cash game players around.Mark
  16. If anyone has run bad on HSP it's Antonio imo.Mark
  17. LOL took me till today to get this reference. HOF nnb :)Mark
  18. IMO:I 100% agree that looking at your hand and deciding if you want to chop that hand specifically and then not chop a later hand is totally fair, doesn't angleshoot anyone, etc. It makes no logical sense not to. If someone doesn't like this, they can EASILY fix the problem: They can just say, ok well I'm not ok with you deciding each hand, so let's just never chop. Problem solved.But in the real world people get their panties in all kinds of bunches about people always needing to be consistent about chopping not because they think it's 'fair' but because they WANT to chop. And they know that
  19. hahahahaAfter a while there isn't a retarded European gambling game going, because everybody's just, you know, watching this guy."hahahahWhat is that from Matt?Mark
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