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  1. Zoo? DN knows there's Harrah's in the SD! Just don't let the wifey find out!
  2. Eventhough I do not know or heard of the other announcer, Gabe K. is right on the money! With his background, playing experience, and extensive poker vocab, he was a great pickup by the producers of the show. GJGSN's High Stakes Poker is the best poker on TV, no contest!I wish they would mix in Omaha & Omaha H/L Reg or Omaha 8 or better.IMO you need a really great TV show to start showcasing other poker games to get players involved.Anyone want to work on getting a poker network started? You know one is coming! Can you imagine a 24/7 poker channel?!?! Holy moly! Gotta work harder at b
  3. These are events from 2005 taped during WPT events at Fowwoods, the Mirage, the Bike, Commerce, and Bay101 i believe.The winners are online if you research it. I could not find an offical PPT website.The WPT would be a place to start looking.John Juanda won the Foxwoods PPT.An other well known Vegas pro won the one currently airing at Commerce.
  4. Ok, that logic doesn't make sense to me.What is a "late breaking table"?How are you eventually going to win a few consecutive all-ins?Thanks for the comments.
  5. Daniel,I heard that in one World Series rebuy event, you rebought enough times to buy a luxury car. If it so, can you give more details on why you rebought so many times? Is that your strategy?As for me, I only rebuy if I think I can take down my immediate table and just got unlucky to lose all my chips.
  6. What happened to Brian F? Why is he not Danielson's protege?
  7. Character.. does it really count here?I mean who cares this guy is a liar. Do you know poker player that doesn't?I really don't care if he said he was a dishwasher, there's nothing wrong with that, and really was a top executive of a fortune 500 company!He won the dang thing, and move on to the next time.Character counts when you are one of my fiends but who cares if this guy is a jerk or not. I would like to sit to his left at a tourney the we'll see! B) He already said he doesn't want the lime-light or that he doesn't need the money. Who doesn't need $6 mil?And he doesn't want to be a p
  8. Oh, didn't know there was bad blood or a previous post.
  9. Need someone to confirm on a rumon I heard that Daniel and The Wynn have departed ways last week...Anyone know?
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