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  1. To the BJ Dealer:Let me first start off by saying I"m a tipper.However, I tip, not to get good service, but rather, when someone serves me well, and I think they deserve a gratuity. A Thank You.Tipping should not buy me good service. I should get good service, because that's your job. And if I feel the need to tip you because I"m a nice guy, I will.If I'm in a resturaunt, Isn't it the job or the wait staff, to give the best service possible. The best food, timely, and anything you would expect from a resturaunt. That's why am paying 10-30 bucks a plate. And then, as a thank you, I will give a
  2. :shock: :shock: :shock: Looks to me like he's winning... Just because there's a million people in every tour, makes it a longshot no matter how good you are.
  3. I think I"m the only one on the planet that likes it! I love way it multitables. For my lorez screen it works fantastically.
  4. What I don't get is why anybody's oppinions but Daniel's matter. To the OP, and agree-ers, if you don't like it... so what? He should change for you? If you percieve it as gloating... so what? If he didn't give any details wouldn't it be quite boring to read:"I went to a meeting. I drove in a car. I played poker...."blah. It's the details that make reading interesting.And since it's HIS place to vent and memory dump. That's his right.If I blog, and write about getting a new TV. Is it gloating if I say what kind? Because some people might htink that saying I have an LCD TV is gloating. But othe
  5. *This is coming from a guy who was/is part and has modded another community for over 3 years that has boomed and experianced much of the same problems as FCP. Also I'm only *19*, so I know my opinion is worth something compareable to dirt*What good would a "veteran forum" accomplish? The point in community is to be a community, not elitists imo.You run into the problems already mentioned as in, arbitrary cut offs, and non-qualified people. I for instance have been a member for several months, and log onto the site 3 or 4 times a week, and read much of the goings on. But I don't post a ton, bec
  6. *hypothetically*DN busts out early, and he updates on Travis' success all the way to the final table. That would be ironic. :-P
  7. ??? This pertains to Doyle? I think Fish is lost...
  8. Eek! I don't think I could handle all of that!But I have a couple questions maybe someone can answer. Is it commonplace for most of the pros to take part in the props betting? Or is it just a select few gamblers? Do the prop bets take place in the "lower limits" (300-600? 200-400?)?And mostly, my thinking behind props is, when you're playing the the "big game", against the best in the world. Wouldn't it be wise to concentrate all your mental ability on trying to read and outthink your opponents? I mean, when you're at that level, it seems even the smallest edge is what's important. When you ca
  9. You think you don't get paid!? Even though you may not recieve a pay check. You are getting something for your time. You are building a network of contacts, and getting into an industry that may otherwise be VERY hard to get into. Plus you are probably learning many thing about the industry, that you may otherwise never know.The way I think of (unpaid) internships:I'm paying good money to go to college. And I work my butt off, and I pay them for the anguish. Why? Because it's going to help me in the future. If I lived in Vegas, I'd be there in a second.
  10. That is probably the worst arguement I have ever read. The "I can steal it before I buy it" argument is terrible. Because for almost every piece of software there is a trial version to find out if you like it or not. But I want to point out this quote specifically--and at how moronic this guy is. First off, under California state law, piracy WOULD be theft. You ARE taking personal property. Intelectual property is property. And you are taking. It does not have to be a physical object for you to take. Code that some one else created, and that you now have by not paying for it is taking. Duh. Be
  11. Legally there is absolutely no differance. Weather the product aids in financial reimbursement has no bearing on the fact that it is still copywrited, and still illeagle to use if it has not been paid for.Also, PT will not "reimburse" itself. Using poker tracker does not guarentee success nor failure by using it. It only gives you statistics, and possibly an advantage if those statistics are properly applied.So drawing a line of saying "downloading music is ok, because it doesn't make me money" is the lame excuse. Not that you actually said that. But I sense many people do feel that way.Pirati
  12. Tevin

    fu*ck you all

    It's kind of the nature of the beast. I'm not a very active posting member here. But I have been else where on differant topics on differant boards. But it's not really the poker community. In general online communities tend to be harsh. Because people can hide behind the annonymity, and say whatever they want, because they think it's fun. But to say that "all" the good questions go un answered, and are flamed. Just isn't true. I find good answers to good questions ALL the time in the strategy sections of this forum.And people tend to be nicer, to nicer people. But an inflamatory post such as
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