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  1. woops, didn't see the new forum created, can ignore this post.
  2. the WSOP events this year? I'm talking about all of the games, not just the main event, so obviously the players who usually play more events have an edge.
  3. Just to get into a little more detail (only reason I'm posting this is because a few of my friends weren't aware of how the 3/6 actually works.) The blinds are 1/3, the limits are 3/6. yup, I flopped a set of 10's and a younger kid called a capped pot with p 4's to hit a 4 on the turn and basically cripple my roll for the night. Afternoon, sure, I've never had a problem going at around midnight or 1am, I usually just walk in and get a table. Though, I only go to Windsor maybe twice a month, so I may just be getting lucky.
  4. 20/40 with $500, man. That's 12 big blinds, not sure what you expected to do
  5. Yeah I watched it, actually posted about this weeks ago..
  6. wow i just had 7 while posting this!
  7. This sunday at 6pm there's going to be a beyond the glory about Poker, Brunson, Slim ect.. will all be featured. Looked interesting, but I've seen specials about their background before and am guessing it'll be the same information but I'll still watch it.This sunday at 6pm on Fox Sports.
  8. Average math skills? It seems like most of the people who turn pro either have been playing it for years and are good with math or are businessmen, Accountants, in school because of math ect... I've never been really good at math, and even though the math in poker isn't that complex I can't put it all together quick enough and usually make decisions because of it. I guess at the limits I play it isn't that big of a deal but I'm guessing once you have a $5000+ bankroll having good math skills is a must? Or am I just putting too much into it.
  9. This was probably one of, if not, the best WPT's ever. I really liked last week when Doyle won though, I was hoping he'd win a major tournament again soon so was nice to see. This one has had the best action though and always nice to see Negreanu win.
  10. neteller is fantastic. great customer service.
  11. It was 8's and 8's! Not aces.
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