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  1. Bike yesterday, 6pm Mil guaranteed: flop mid set vs. bottom set, I have position and just call the bitch's bets because I can't put her on anything (who can read a chick anyhow outside a poker room), then she hits quads on the river and, unbelievably, I still have 65% of my chips! 2nd level: flop top set vs. mid set, I do the betting now and jam on the turn, get called and it's quads again. Fun stuff!!!!
  2. One thing says it all about those two clowns: you haven't seen them at all since Black Friday! Are they even alive? Not a clue anywhere, where's CSI Las Vegas? No live tourneys, no interviews, nuthin. What the hell happened to Ivey as well, was he a silent partner? Probably all were supporters of the progressive regime currently in charge, there are pics of them with the marxist in charge.
  3. Can't remember which of Daniel's books has a great explanation, might be the 2nd one....Basically in the stop-n-go you do not want the turn AND the river cards dealt and you're pretty much going all-in after the flop and hoping the other guy catches air. Hopefully his stack is small enough that the all-in can be a big enough hit for him to fold. Example might be: you 10 BB's, early position A-10 off, raise to 2.5 BB , folds all around 'til the BB and he calls. Hopefully an Ace or a 10 high come on board, if it's checked or bet to you go all-in...If you get air and there's a stiff bet into
  4. The democrats have been taken over by the progressives, led by Georgy Schwartz AKA George Soros, the most evil ********** on the planet. Through Saul Alinsky's, and Cloward and Piven's, break the system startegy they are achieving the "numbing and dumbing" down of the American system. Soros is the problem and should be neutralized at any cost.
  5. What was the end result of the hand?? I played in the Stars and Stripes tourney at the Bike 2 days ago in a deepstack event and the following happened: level 2, 50/100, got AA in mid position, made it 775 to go, BB calls. Flop, 338, idiot on BB checks, I bet 1500, BB calls...turn is a K, he bets 8000. I'm thinking AK, KJ or KQ, I go all-in, he calls with 4d8d.....WTF!!!! 2:30 am the next day in the cash game area I almost kill the *******. I have no clue what the ass**** could've been thinking. Funny thing was that he only lasted 20 minutes more than me in the tourney, he donked off 50k
  6. Is Riverend Wright going to be there, the USKKA originator?? How about Ayers?? How about Dingy harry reid, is that scumbag going to be there?? You idiots that like Obama are walking around with blinders on. I have no pity for you idiots. I hope it's 300 degrees at the stadium for you knuckleheads today.
  7. Clinton signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act in 1999. Joe Biden voted for the repeal. Clinton urged the lending to all the douche-bag pikers who couldn't afford jack. Obama is a joke, Biden is a puke-bag. IF they get in, Katie bar the door...Soros and his move-on minyans will have their way for another 4 years, like they did from 92-00!!! Daniel: if your guy gets in, be prepared for very sad meeting with your CPA. Instead of giving bums 20 spots outside Bellagio, you'll be giving them hundreds of thousands per year thru the stinkin' gubermint. On the subject of DERIVATIVES, thos
  8. The Orleans: The asian waitress must make a mint over there, don't even mind if i'm losing as long as she comes buy with a Corona every 5 minutes!! Definitely wish she was at "Cheetah's II"......As far as the action on the felt is concerned, The Orleans for some reason lowered the amount of initial chips in the Friday tourney. Before the reduction I was 3 for 3 in making the final table - didn't matter as the cash games more than made up for the tourney loss. The 4-8 table @ Wynn was surprisingly easy, won almost 3 hundy in 90 minutes. Binion's does seem very morbid, I agree with a previo
  9. They are now posted on www.pinnaclesports.com.......Daniel and Ivey are chalk @50-1. John Cook will win the US Open.
  10. It'll have to be pretty stellar to beat it. Will post reviews when on market......
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