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  1. A very extremely interesting (and truthful) fact: It is posible to accept all in withouth to see teh floop - only if have AA KK QQ or AK, or if you are 200% (not 199%) certain your opponent is make of bluff
  2. De-rek Je-ter! CLAP - CLAP...CLAP CLAP CLAP
  3. Yup, just like how Worcester is pronounced "woo-ster." But, I still say "Wor-chester" because the city is in Massachusetts, and anything associated with the Red Sox can take a (Chien-Ming) wang smack in the face...A-Rod pwns....and has all the mobney..............Go Yankees...
  4. Well now that I know gay porn is going to happen, how can I say no?On a serious note, I think I should receive my last paycheck by Friday, so I'll keep you posted...
  5. Hey guys...... I'm not sure what kind of news gets up from Tucson to Phx, but I lost my job yesterday (worked for First Magnus Financial). FMFC was the largest privately held mortgage back in the nation, and a top 10 lender overall. In light of big players like Countrywide being on the ropes as well, we lost the ability to sell off our pipeline of loans, which is the cornerstone of our business. A big part of me coming up next week is getting paid on Monday, but I learned yesterday that our last checks might be delayed. How long, I don't know. So for now, I'm changing my status for next w
  6. Hey Nutz... would you be so kind as to give your address so I can get a complete map from Tucson to your place. If you don't want to post it on here, you can email me at zachjohnson1@hotmail.comThanks!
  7. Gotcha..... Also, have you ever checked out Kevin O'Donnell's bar out there? I've chatted with him via email a few times, but I've never made up to meet him. Would that be a place that people might consider meeting up for food/drinks? Any PHX people ever been to his place? Any good?
  8. Nah, Potsie, we can use $1 bills... or else you won't have enough quarters to do your laundry the next day :)I'm in favor of a home game. If we're lucky enough to get a table reserved at CAZ that's great, but ultimately, CAZ winds up being the big winner of the night (instead of me). J/KDo we have an updated tally of how many people are attending?
  9. What kind of stakes is everyone thinking of playing? I'm not rolling in dough like Mark or Truss, but I'll have a few hundo to work with... Have we ruled out a home game yet?
  10. I'm going to try to leave work early on Friday so I can be up there by 6:00pm. I'm down for either CAZ or home game style. Home game would be more fun, and it would be way more social. If everyone brings a 12'er, we'll be set. If not, there's no way we could reserve a table at CAZ, could we?
  11. So........... whoever is the big winner at CAZ buys a round of lap dances at Skin?
  12. That's the best idea I've heard in a long time. Talk about a true battle of attrition. No joke, I had a buddy in high school who tried to convince us that Roshambo is a game of skill. "If you can detect the patterns, you can counteract the opponent..." Niiiii hannn, sir....
  13. I might be in Mark, I haven't been up to Phx in a while... I'll keep you posted. I think I still have your email address saved.
  14. They'd have to rename me "The Typhoon" because I'd "make it rain" in ways Pacman Jones could only dream about...
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