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  1. Easy call.Phil H. said to win the WSOP now you must win about 9 coin flips during the tourney (paraphrased). This isnt even a flip, you are way ahead.Like a previous poster stated, if I dont play this now, I play scared until the final table. I wont make the final table unless the poker gods give me a winning AA hand every lap of the button. I would be too timid to play much else.I take advantage of the edge and call.
  2. I was about to suggest that myself as well as possibly over-using the techniques presented in the book.
  3. I use the term 'set', as stated above, to describe a PP with a third on the board.I use the term 'trips' to describe a single hole card with two of same rank on the board.In my opinion, this is the correct usage of the terms. But as stated ealier, the correct usage seems to have been nullified by general use of both to simply describe three-of-a-kind. The same thing happened to tissue paper when we automatically started calling all brands "Kleenex".I didn't like that- but accept it; as I do many other things, including this situation.
  4. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope this is the first of many for you!88
  5. Here is another suggestion I just quickly thought of (so I apologize in advance for no money amounts and if there are any 'holes' in it):Every time you enter a tourney - you get a ballot into Draw #1. This is good for a draw, at the end of the tournies, where 1 winner gets 'X' percentage of the buy ins (small but significant 5-10%). This will encourage people to still play if they are low in the points area.The other percentage goes to cover one entry into the WSOP + prizes for each tourney.Have the tournies structured so that the top 'X' winners get some cash (again to encourage lower poin
  6. Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls Ontario is opening on the 10th of Jan. I have heard MANY different rumours as to the games/limits that are going to be available. What seems to be the only consistent piece of each is the games are mainly going to be PL or NL. Casino Niagara (sister to Fallsview) is scheduled to open in April (again, as per last info). With that one, they are renovating the room that is currently a high stakes bacarrat room, they could fit a good number of tables there.I am going to Fallsview when it opens (within a week of it opening), I'll re-post after I go and let ever
  7. Yes, of course...There are many reasons for that. The first one that comes to mind is 'table image'. If I have pocket Ks on BB, I am popping that blind no matter who I am playing. BUT, if I have pocket 8s, I may raise against unknowns but possibly just checked against known opponents. Why? Because I know what 'Daniel', 'Evelyn' or 'Bill' (the hypothetical local guy) have done and are capable of doing. I have never seen 'Jane', 'Marty' or 'Tim' play, I want to see their reaction. (I also know that 'Daniel' is one heck of a player and may scare me off a pot or two )I tried to think of mor
  8. The legal age to gamble in Ontario is 19 (FYI). With this I have two thoughts: 1) Learn all you can in the next 2.x years online and then come to the land based casinos and take em by storm!!! (just let me know who you are so I can sit and marvel - on the rail :wink: )or 2) Set Realisitc goals and play in games you know you can beat. At 16, I assume you can get into some local games as well as play peers for small stakes. Take this knowledge and the 2.x years of playing experience and bring yourself closer to the top. Read bookd, watch DVDs and videos - don't get too anxious. That is o
  9. I subscribed to Bluff too and on the same day joined the Fantasy Poker Challenge. Since my #1 poker idol got first (and some other picks came through), I am near the top of the points leaderboard. Check it out - it could be your ticket to play heads up against Dan in the WSOP 2005 finals :-)
  10. My first real money Royal Flush. I only held the Ace but look at the board - too bad there were not more players involved... but I made some money so it's all good.It was on checknraise. (Please use '88Fingers' as a referral if ya happen to join) I took out the names of the other players for their security :wink: :and before you ask why I called with A4o, look at the action I got from the one player still in the pot :-) - - - - - -Check n Raise Poker Game #243050: Hold 'em Limit ($1/$2)Wed Dec 15 01:18:02 EST 2004Table 'Lancret' Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: ($98.41)Seat 2: ($43.20)Seat 3:
  11. Falsview Casino in Niagara Falls ON is opening a poker room next month. My ex (a.k.a. "the one who broke me :wink: ") works there an confirmed for me that the opening day for the Fallsview poker room is 01-10-2004. Caisno Niagara is also set to open a poker room but the scheduled date for that is 04-05. I personally think however that when they see the hit that it is, they will bump up the date a few months.The Fallsview casino is going to be on the side of the casino where some of the nickel slots now are, behind the 365 Club (I think that is the bars name). The COOL thing is the Casino
  12. With trips on the board in that case, I would have just checked/called. See what the other player does and then think about each move. As posted above, with more experience you will get to see 'reads' on players and will even play the same players you've played before. That'll help you. From your post, this was a home game. You stated he played pretty tight through the tourney. His actions so the river prove it. Given the info in the post, my thought is he would have bet all in at the river... at that point I would have folded giving him credit for the quads. This is again assuming th
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