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  1. Checkout Professor77 newest free tutorial video. A doylesroom single table online poker turbo tournament video.http://www.youtube.com/?v=VpSvVKk8isYwatch and post your feedback in this forum please.
  2. Wow who knew old Professor77 was so popular in online poker circles. Even my real name Mark Pinsker garners a buzz rank of 234 in B&M player list.http://www.tiltboys.com/buzzindex/online-players/
  3. the following is a partial list of the free poker online video & ebook library at:http://groups.msn.com/PokerNationwsop-1998WSOP_2005 (all)WPT 2004(all)WSOP 2004 (all)WSOP 2003 (all)World_Series_Of_Poker_-_1981, WSOP[2].2005.Tournament.of.Champions., World_Series_Of_Poker_2004_Final_Table_With_Commentary,World_Series_Of_Poker_-_1979, World_Series_Of_Poker_-_1978, World Series Of Poker - 1989 World Series Of Poker - 1988 World Series Of Poker - 1987 World Series Of Poker - 1983The_Intelligent_Guide_to_Holdem_Poker_by_Sam_Braids[The_Cincinnati_Kid ULTIMATE.ONLINE.TEXAS.BOOK.PACKAGE Texas-Hol
  4. Top Ten Casino Ad Slogans10. "Let lady luck knee you in the groin!"9. "Betcha can't lose just one paycheck!"8. "Because actually flushing money down a toilet can clog the drain."7. "Come play video poker the traditional native American way!"6. "Now only 98% mafia run."5. "Who needs Mickey Mouse when you can see a drunk Jimmy Caan slumped over a baccarat table?"4. "You could be the next Mrs. Trump."3. "Financial ruin + Wayne Newton = Fun!"2. "From the moment a mediocre ex-heavyweight greets you at the door to the moment a weeping hooker bids you farewell, we'll take good care of you."1. "We can
  5. Well I got down to 200k and worked it up to around 1.6 million and poor mjd (sn-ale) kinda just went downhill from the start. Thanks all for your suggestions and support.http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation (final table pics)05/09/27: $1,000,000 PlacingsCategory: Million Freeroll Final Table Posted by: Paradise Girl Add comment Congratulations to boon8 of Blackpool, UK who is the World's First Million Dollar freeroll champ, taking in the largest online win from one tournament in a freeroll to boot!1st boon8: $1,000,000Congratulations to our 2nd to 9th placers, who each took home $10,000. 2nd sn-A
  6. If I'm lucky enough to win you're all invited to a victory party to rival all at the Palms when we get back.You too MJD lol. Good Luck ! :-)
  7. The first 2 blind levels will last 90 minutes in length. From there, blind levels will be 60 minutes in length. After the 3rd level of the day, any level that starts heads-up will last for only 30 minutes. next level 20k/40k and 5k anteFrom Final Table Rules: Player represents and warrants that Player has not entered into, and will not enter into, any understanding or agreement (whether verbal or written) with any other player at the Final Table with respect to the outcome of the Final Table or the division of any prize money between players at the Final Table, and Player further acknowledges
  8. Hey Daniel, I am leaving for Costa Rica on the 22nd for my first televised final table experience. I would love to hear about your 1st tv final table experience?It's the Paradise Poker Million. I'm at 400k , 1st is 2.7 million, last is 34k, 12k/24k blinds and 3k antes. 1st pays 1 million 2-9th pay 10k. What do u all suggest strategy wise?Thanks!
  9. Greetings All,Help! I am 14th out of 25 left in Paradise Million. 25-12 pay 500$, 11th pays 1000 $,Final 10 get 10k and trip to island to play final table & 1st gets 1 million. My request is I have 305k, leader has 948k, 25th has 68k & 10th has 390k and I would like your feedback as to how to approach the final 3 tables. Wish me luck.
  10. http://www.freestacks.com/partypokerhacking.htm is a screenshot of an antispyware response to PartyPoker's software? What's up with this? The player sent a letter to Party and their only response was to chat block him. Anybody have any explanations?http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation free poker library
  11. I did an expose on it at my blog and my poker group last May. go tohttp://groups.msn.com/pokernation or to http://mypokerroom.blogspot.com to read my article and to readfor free the complete text of what they sell for 59.95 at xray poker tool, no-rules-poker, pokerfraudexsposed, cardcounting or whatever name they are using now, it's all the same scam.
  12. Poker Nation, an MSN Poker Group, has a large free poker library of books, videos & programs for group members in the Documents section. Membership isfree. The site is link supported (all with max. deposit bonus plus 20% and rakeback[where allowed]). http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation
  13. http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation is Poker Nation, an MSN Poker Group, has a large free poker library of books, videos & programs for group members in the Documents section. Membership is free. The site is link supported (all with max. deposit bonus and rakeback[where allowed]). http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation
  14. Poker Nation, an MSN Poker Group, has a large free poker library of books,videos & programs for group members in the Documents section. Membership is free. http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation[/size]
  15. This scam artist has been charging 59.95 for this under a number of different guises online. If you join http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation/ you will find it and other poker and blackjack texts for free in the documents section.
  16. After raiding the FBI's excellent training materials on detecting a liar, I have posted a long article filled with practical tips on "bluff detection." Please visit http://mypokerroom.blogspot.com and let me know what you think. Professor77
  17. Webmasters please submit your links to OnlinePokerTop1000 http://pub16.bravenet.com/freelink/show.ph...rnum=1348204939 .A banner & scam free link exchange.
  18. Some hacker posted a complete copy of the poker cheat book No Rules Poker,usually 59,95 at websites like poker-cheats-exposed etc., as a comment to my Tuesday, May 31st, 2005 post at at my blog. If I knew how to delete it I would but since I didn't make the comment I can't seem to delete it!!! I asked before and nobody has yet to tell me how to delete this piece of crap! Please check it out and tell me how to delete it at: http://mypokerroom.blogspot.com"May God have mercy on my enemies because I won't." General George S. Patton
  19. Melissa Polk, known in pro online poker circles as "IamtheQ" , "Mydik" and "Jumbone" among other Ids and know simply as Lisa to her many friends, died last wednesday of a gunshot wound to the stomach. She leaves her beautiful 4 year old daughter "Rain" behind and the many friends whose lives she touched. I am proud to say that I loved my online poker buddy "Q" and I was lucky to have known her. She was a loving friend and wonderful mother. I am sorry I wasn't there when she needed someone. She always was there for everyone else and her true colors always shined through. We were blessed to hav
  20. That's right! Professor77 delivers it here first. Old George, Al and Eddie defined the basis for b & m or online poker success. If you incorporate these pearls in your poker strategy you will own the WSOP!"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein"The measures, then," he continued, "were good in their kind, and well executed; their defect lay in their being inapplicable to the case, and to the man. A certain set of highly ingenious resources are, with the Prefect, a sort of Procrustean bed, to which he forcibly adapt
  21. Y I wrote it a few others. Tyvvm! I Previously posted another poem here that I like more than this one titled "A Poker Player's Prayer." Check it out.
  22. :roll: Pattyboy, I didn't know poems affected you this way! I think you need a hug you little monkey!!! By the way, can sheep hug? A sheep was quoted as saying " Are you my da a a a a dy Pa a a a atricnz?" :roll:
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