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  1. I know you're joking bro it's a quote from old school when he catches the guy kissing the chick in the bathroom.The link is in my OP.
  2. Are you going to go PM him and tell on me? Only girls tell bro? You're not a chick are you bro?
  3. Well first off my thread hasn't been deleted yet.Second, CS was the best online game back in the day. I still play it when I get a chance, I love pwning and fraggin all night!Third, I was bored and I watched the whole episode at work without interruption. I'm toggling between porn and s.p.
  4. I was watching Comedy Central the other night and saw this episode of South Park and thought it was absolutely hilarious.The only reason I'm posting it up in here is because most of the people who play online poker know of the BIG online stuff. Well, WorldOfWarcraft, Counter Strike, StarCraft, and all the other big online games.Well here's the episode of all the South Park guys in WOW, it's crazy funny if you've ever played.Link to Episode
  5. Degenerate #1I would.But I can't.No internet @ home.Great idea though.
  6. I'm sure he has his downswings too. He probably averages less but I mean c'mon this is a brag post
  7. I wish I was a PT professional but alas I am not.Actuary hooked you up. Playing much live?
  8. LOL, I can't believe it.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...c=12992&hl=I made a thread my first post."Daniel and the '05 national heads up championship, Daniel called out the turn and river for his straight flush, so sick. Did anyone else see?"
  9. I had a similar experience at Sycuan Casino. There's was a this big marine in seat 7 I was in seat 3. We had been playing for about 5 hours with eachother and he would always make small talk with the table. He was actually a nice guy but just thought he was the best of the best.He would reraise players and show A high. He didn't really show great hands at showdown. Hand like AJ and KQ. Best hand I saw him get paid off with with a flush.I had been playing for about 9 hours and was up to about $260 from a buy in of $100. Then the hand that made my night.I'm in the cutoff with QQ's. It ge
  10. At least you saw an important fraction of the big picture of poker.This is a great example actually. It defines the term "tilt". Everyone remembers when they first began the poker journey and everyone knows that guy who always pushes with 89s and hits the straight. It's a part of poker.I'm sure fatigue and the other things you listed were a factor but the main factor was another players bad play.The first thing you thought was what a donk! OMFG I can't believe it. TP/MM. Whatever.You should have been thinking; Okay this player is willing to put all his money in the pot as a complete und
  11. PWND!Nice hand sir.Straight flushes win most of the time.
  12. It ALL depends on the player. I've seen people 12 table with ease using 3 monitors. It's all on the player.Other than that I would say use 4 to start and move up from there.12 is a huge amount of games to stay focused on.Or just play live.
  13. Don't you listen they have to be sooooooooted.
  14. Giggity Giggity Giggity. Great avatar.
  15. "Daddy Nick Cannons hiiiiilaaaaariiious." - Chappelle's son"**** you son." - Chappelle
  16. "Hours of boredom, interrupted by moments of terror"
  17. I havn't deposited online since last year. I win.
  18. Oh, I thought THAT was the reason she's the hottest woman on earth. Good change though I like the new one. HOTTTT -1
  19. There's been tons of great stories so I'll just keep it short and talk about my first live MTT cash.All of my buddies and I got the poker bug and started playing exceptional house games untill we started to find out about the local live tourneys all over sothern cali.Well, we all decide to go play in the Viejas 12 dollar buy in. There's like 300 people who show up. So my buddy and his family came along because they had family in from out of town.Anyway, I make the final table and am ultra short stacked and have like 1bb left. Well I'm the talk at the table I'm having the most fun I've ever
  20. Hey it's not only better; it's amazing.*end search
  21. Theresa. I expect better from you. EVERYONE digs the KRABLAR!EDIT: One medium. Option B.
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