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  1. cardplayer is being weak they only updated 4 times.. two of the post are on how howard lederer is betting big.. wow bfd! I though that this was pretty funny:Date / Time: 2005-07-09 11:45:00 Title: Mouth Breaks the Silence Log: "Floor on 127!" are the first words audible today, over the sounds of the clicking chips. Tournament Directors are called to the very table at which Mike Matusow sits, where he's being accused by a dealer of throwing cards. He's immediately assigned a ten minute penalty, but he adamantly and politely defends himself, and is supported by the rest of the players at the
  2. Date / Time: 2005-07-09 11:20:00 Title: Notable Names Log: Here are the notable players in today's field and where to find them: Jean Robert Bellande - Table 175 - Seat 8 Rafi Amit - Table 193 - Seat 4 C.K. Hua - Table 191 - Seat 9 Gavin Griffin - Table 171 - Seat 4 "Minneapolis" Jim Meehan - Table 189 - Seat 8 "Syracuse" Chris Tsiprillidas - Table 187 - Seat 8 Mickey Appleman - Table 168 - Seat 6 Chip Jett - Table 135 - Seat 6 Robert Mizrachi - Table 140 - Seat 7 Mike Matusow - Table 127 - Seat 4 Al "Sugar Bear" Barbieri - Table 130 - Seat 5 Todd Witteles - Table 135 - Seat 9 Mel Judah - Tabl
  3. http://cardplayer.com/poker-tournaments/ev...een=logs&type=0this is where everyone is getting updates..and good luck to your buddy on table 126, maybe he might get lucky and get to the ESPN featured table.
  4. If you were a professional poker player would you want people talking shit about you? Some people have all the skill in the world but cant get hit in the head with the deck all the time. So in conclusion:
  5. he is not there anymore and is not the bestYou put anyone up against sammy farhas' big stack and tell me who's the best.
  6. Date / Time: 2005-07-08 15:45:00 Title: Daniel Negreanu Eliminated Log: It didn't take long for Daniel Negreanu to toss his last $500 chip into the pot and declare "All in." He has multiple callers, and he's so short-stacked that he shouldn't be surprised by further action after the flop.The action is hard to follow with a limited view of the ESPN table (the monitors are focused on Daniel's face rather than the action), but the player in seat 2 ultimately shows down the winning hand for the side pot, and Negreanu isn't able to beat it. Daniel Negreanu has just been eliminated from this year's
  7. I feel bad for daniel, when you read his blog, he's so amped and excited. It sucks he's at a table with Sam Farha who's been rushing since the first limit has been raised. They havn't said he's out yet so maybe he had 4 callers on his all in with his 500 chip to quadruple him up?
  8. going to play in the wsop championchip event? is he day 1a, 1b, or 1c? i've been keeping up with the updates on cardplayer and his name isnt on the chip board so i was more curious than concerned? Please reply
  9. So how is he doing now? I went to card player.com and the only video they have for the $2500 pot limit hold em is a weak bad beat video with these two looser's who didn't have k3.. keep us updated i love that phil got heated i hate that f***.
  10. Daniel and the '05 national heads up championship, Daniel called out the turn and river for his straight flush, so sick. Did anyone else see?
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