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  1. LOL, confindence goes a long way in the matress mambo department too.I'll be the Clinton of San Diego...- the monica+ jessica alba
  2. I guess I'll second ricker for the San Diego area.But I am nominating myself for best looking co-representative of SD.I also second myself.Therefore I am a ****** clown.
  3. Must be such a great time... I'm a little jealous. Just a little though.
  4. It was my girl's cousin's hat..I drive a saturn... stop laughing! good guess... it was that or a volkswagen rabbit right?
  5. Me grabbing my One Eye'd Italian Trouser SnakeP.s. Still working on the tan...
  6. Took me over 30 minutes to read this thread...Should have started sooner.........now onto the in lieu of tylersalsman pictures blahhhhh.
  7. Threads like these along with poker related threads are the reason I'm still at FCP...FYHeadlineIn Liz Lieu of Tylersalzman's Pictures In His Thread.
  8. I wear this shirt everywhere, gets A LOT of attention...P.s. It's a nice sweater....for me to poop on..
  9. Awesome,sweet,amazing,hot,great,tight,rad,nice,wicked,good,sexy,hip,fun,dope,neat,crazy,pimp,chill,excelent,phat,fantastic,radical,badass,super,fresh,smart,gnarly,groovy,lame,kool,wow,emo,bad,fly,stupid,the ****,kewl,smooth,ill... those are all the words I could think of to express my feelings on your deal... niceeee
  10. He may lose in the online games but I'm sure he crushes live play. There's a reason he's got so much cash...
  11. Good Luck brother, try and cash at least 5 times the buy in. Peace.
  12. Okay, this is getting ridiculous so I'll handle it everyone.Two types of people here:1. Smokers2. Non-SmokerSmokers - People who choose to smoke because they feel the need to smoke or enjoy smoking.Non-Smokers - People who choose not to smoke because they do not feel the need to smoke or do not enjoy it.It's called personal opinion.Formus are designed to let people voice there own opinions on a vast number of topics ranging from pets to politics across the world.As for the online world vs. role modles, the world is what we make it.No one told the Columnbine kids to model Marylin Manson or play
  13. There should be no debate it's scientific.When you add fire (heat) to any vegetation (herb) that heat rips appart molecules and carbon monoxide (smoke) is the product of "burning" any burnable material.Smoke is a well known carcinogen, it creates lots of free radicles in body, which can then turn into cancerous areas or malignant tumors.Anything burned changes from it's normal form and breaks down into carbon.There's plenty of articles about some of the health benifits, though few, of smoking marijuana. Lower blood pressure, very strong pain reliever, sleep aide, and is known especially for i
  14. Regardless of the negative effects of "chiefing" such as immune system drops, memory, paranoia, etc. it's definitly an emotion controller.There's nothing like getting felted and going out to the car, laid way back, behind black gettin' blown, full of hydro and you can smell it on my clothes...If anyone starts getting cob-web head and can't concentrate at all and is having a hard time remember things, just work out. Working out forces the blood through your system and pulls the canibus off your canaboid receptors (memory cells). Just some advice, it really works.Remember, everything in modera
  15. The Chicago Card Room is a great place.sorry dude totally lied, i got nothin'.
  16. You can't take everything people say on here seriously. A picture of a noose isn't a serious post. That's it.
  17. LOL. It's been a good few weeks.
  18. I'm going to take this to a lighter note.So I just broke up w/ my chick of 3 years! She slept w/ another guy, no big deal for me, I have an enormous penis and am definitly not insecure. Long story short,The next day I boned a receptionist from my work who didn't have a BF.3 days later I boned my brothers GF's friend, who is an absolute fox and single.The day after that I went on a really nice date with a girl I used to know in High School who just got out of a relationship and totally hit it off... Didn't do a damn thing with her, I was a complete gentleman, she was the one who put the move
  19. Maybe you could start applying more of what you've learned on this site. I mean come on we all know if we lost a thousand bucks we would find a way to get it back, no matter what it takes.Anyone who loses a grand doesn't post it on FCP.Member 88, then you could listen to all 20,000+ memebers who joined after you and don't dump a grand in an hour.There's like 40 brazillion threads on BR management and how to be a winning player.Therefore, I feel you are a complete troll and this is bullshit. If not. Prove it ******. What's NOT funny about it? One of the first posts was DNA saying that we sh
  20. I don't know why but I totally laughed out loud when I read this. Maybe it's because i'm hung over and delirious. Yeah, that's the reason.Oh and some words of advice;Never try to out drink your nana in a wine drinking contest, she'll win, no matter what.
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