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  1. Poker shirts are over-rated.I got a shirt from my g/f because I spend more time playing then with her.I wear that shit to sleep. No way am I walking about with a shirt that say:"Poker King"Okay <3 you bye.
  2. The real question here is when can we play together?The next question:Where are the hookers at?Nice outdraw, btw.Once I played a hand to outdraw two guys in a tourney 7c/8c, held up perfectly when the flop came JJ8 6 J, the short stack had A/J and the big dog I took out had A/K.I love you.
  3. I would look around at the other instant cash deposits or transfers:One I saw was 3.9% or so, but your credit card has to be accepted.GL
  4. Way chill OP,I'm donating some clothes tomorrow at my work-place, their having a fund-raiser. Anyway nice job broski.
  5. When I posted earlier where everyone is saying he's playing NL not Limit.Limit = 300 x BBNL = 1500 x BB^ Standard BB structure according to FCP Vets.When I said, "1/2 limit" I mean, "1/2 limits"
  6. He's playin NL not Limit. The article you posted is talking about 30/60 limit and so on.
  7. I've played those $1 tourney's on UB, actually fun. They have a turbo and an ultra turbo tourny, finishes in like 45minutes.I've probably played 4 of those tourneys and won 3.Quick little $20 bucks for gas or food.<3
  8. Come over to my place I'll get you all ripped off your asses!
  9. I'd say if it was equivalent to a human having nuts that largeHe's walking with about 15lbs to 20lbs per ball.
  10. You've been with the forum for 6 days and have 8 posts.How are you a vet? If your being funny don't forget to put (sw) behind it.
  11. I actually don't knock his play here. There are a lot of situations I've encountered where a bet is sufficiant to get a "cheap" turn.The guy could have checked and showed weakness or he could have bet $5 hoping that he just gets called, instead of letting the players behind him bet $15 or $20, thinking he's weak. By the time the raise comes the pot odds are good enough to smooth call for a club.I think the term here is buying a free card. You bet the flop hoping for a check on the turn.Whatever I think he shouldn't have called preflop with K/Q off in the first place.
  12. SLK23,I have mixed feelings when people bash on here.I think this is the comment you were looking for though:NICE! That's such a sick rush, honestly. I wish I could go on a rush like that more often.I was playing on UB last night too playing the $5 + .50 SnG, and I was average in chips for a while then dropped to about 1,000. Anyway I was like, "I think I'm going to smoke a ciggy and then finish this up". When I got back, I knocked out 4 people to win the tourney in about 3 minutes.Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope your rushes stay sweet man.ANDDon't call big raises with K/Q off in
  13. Looks like I should have invested in the Instant Bankroll thing.I'm actually playing the .01/.02 limits on UB, and I've already quadrupled up in 30 minutes!Come play if you want to FCP the hell out of a low limit table!Table name: Dunbar .01/.02 NLHE
  14. For sure!OHI wanted to post up some Shana pictures I found that are pretty hot.Here's the link if you want more:http://www.playwinningpoker.com/photos/shana-hiatt/PS: Masterbate on your own time! Then clean your watch.
  15. So did you loose 2,700?man you got the math thing down, now work on your reads and betting pattern recognition and you have as good as got this poker thing knocked.I already have my reads down, and all I need is 60 minutes with someone to recognize betting patterns.SIKE!I'm getting better at reads. I found out some pretty good information from Mike Carrow's Book of Poker Tells.And the whole $2,700 thing:I saw some post where people were living off of their poker income, so I thought that you cashed out back down to $1500. Much love.
  16. I think that's pretty standard for everyone. Nice job though.
  17. It sounded like a lot to me also.BUTIt would be pretty nice to not have to worry about going broke which is what he's concerned about. With 1500 times the BB you're not going broke if you have any skill at all!
  18. I'll pay you $10 to keep it up!But yeah change that thing it's fu cking horrible.
  19. Custom36 just gave me some great advice!1500 times the BB.If you're playing 1/2 the estimated BR should be $3,000.The way I see it:If you have $3,000 at 1/2 limit, you can take the worst bad beats of your life for months and not damage your BR. That's the whole point of 1500 times the BB.GL man, I think you'll do fine with 700+
  20. Thanks for all the post I love reading from my peers. It puts a perspective on poker rather than thinking i'm going to be a millionaire like DN!<3
  21. I wish I had known this earlier.I was playing with 300BB for NL and I wondered why my BR was so crippled when I was play NL.Thanks a lot.
  22. Custom36, What is your formula for BR vs. BB?Super System talks about 300 times the BB, what's the magic number you're working with?
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