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  1. I rode the slopes the other night for the first time. Pretty insane. Not what I was expecting, totally chill.But weed is way better.LOL.
  2. So funny. I was playing live and some kid kept capping the pot with aces and everyone was laughing at him because it was obvious what he had. When they capped the pot on the river and he flipped over his aces and the unknown flipped over the nut straight he proceeded to say, "man...... what a bad beat....."Pretty common for an amature to cap every street.I comend your post sir.
  3. Websters Dictionary Definition:Swag - n. : Shitty ass weed, containting a fuckload of stems, seeds, and brown budzSounds like Meck to me.
  4. I could see the other guy hold in Kd/Q and just chasing for a 2 pair or runner runner for the flush. He's just calling here the whole way. I'm assuming he's just hoping his top pair is good.And I'm sure he's not an avid reader on the forum and doesn't know that you shouldn't be calling with top pair for most of your chips. Sounds like you made a semi-bluff, that gets called down by a bad read or a amature-esque play.
  5. I always just look at how many hands beat mine.A/Jo:Beaten by:Any pair (percentage wise)A/Q, A/K, AA, KK, a number of hands are better than A/Jo. So laying down is a good call. I don't even play A/K with a big raise anymore, save it for when you got the best of it.GL Broski.
  6. You don't ever want to get involved with a chip leader to start. If he's a tight/solid player you don't want to try and draw against him.Lets say he's holding KK or AA, then you're in trouble.I say lay it down, wait till you have him.GL Broski
  7. I think it's a good fold only because you went with your read. Once the board paired I think it was a good fold also.If you put yourself in the other players position:He obviously puts you on a flush draw, and when the board pairs he knows that he's got you when your diamond hits also.I would push all-in if I boated up, somewhat using smash's theory on SSHE.Hoping to get called.Good play, save your money for when you have the best of it.
  8. Never play weak aces.You wouldn't play k/5, or would you? (sw)
  9. Would you be interested in someone with no experience and just likes to write. (sw)
  10. Sorry total accident.Internet was lagging or so I thought. Clicked on the submit button a couple of times while saying, "wtf is wrong with this computer"!I appologize.
  11. I would say a book is great to start learning concepts and etc., but I would go with table experience. I learned so much more from experiencing real hands and not just reading about them. Eventually it becomes like riding a bike. But their are those exceptional situations where experience is needed.I've read almost every poker book out there and I still feel Super System by Doyle Brunson is the best to learn by.On theory David Sklanski.On tournament Dan Harrington.Small stakes Ken Warren.Small stakes Online Poker Smasharoo! (SW)Just keep playing! That's the best way I swear. DN and all the
  12. Does it matter how old he is? If he's good, he's good. If he wins, he wins.That's all.
  13. Probably playing outside my BR too.
  14. Thats what I said.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...pic.php?t=27959
  15. It's all about the dank california kronic, gets you reading people like Hartman.
  16. I love your avatar,but not as much as I love you for putting it up.You make me smile.
  17. All you need to do to win your money back is win one. Then start over and try and increase your win %.GL Broski.
  18. He would have made $5,800 if the return % was 58600.
  19. Try a whole bottle of 151, hookah, and bud, for 6 hours.You wake up spitting ash.well yea, i only smoke bud out of a hookah. but i will never drink 151 again.I was actually smoking hookah out of my hookah. BUT 151 is off my list of groceries that's for sure.
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