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  1. "Hey man I noticed your banner and thought you might like my band, check us out. LINK"HA!I just like nasty midgets..
  2. Man should have hit me up we could have split some expenses and eiffel towered that chick!I'm just in SD...Hit up the Mandalay Bay brunch and drink 4 bottles of champagne and drive around Vegas.What's with all this don't drink and drive crap everyone keeps on saying is -ev. It's only -ev when you get caught. Silly.
  3. I hope I'm the first to say you're avatar is on my top 5 for greatest avatars ever.Second thing, I hate gutshots.
  4. The most I would ever pay is $50 for 3.5 exact.
  5. It pretty much is. You pick a hand and go. If you call one flop bet and fold to a missed draw on the turn you're pretty much toast and have to rebuy.About pushing with QQ's...The guy looked like a 14 year old marathon runner or something, I figured he was to scared to call an all in preflop... Plus I was up a little and had room to play with him. Great story for a Monday. They also have aces cracked from 12PM-4PM you get $100 if you lose so pretty much limp with aces. J it's serious money! They'll pay you off w/ top pair weak kicker almost everytime if you play it a little soft. Sit down
  6. Imagine that you have 9 guys at your house and an atm machine in your living room. Now you give each guy two pieces of paper and they keep on giving you $60 dollars everytime you give them the pieces of paper. Would you laugh at them when they went to the atm to get more? I wouldn't Also just for the record, it's suppost to be a good Monday story not a brag about how poor I am.
  7. Honestly, just go rub one out, then wait 10 minutes and repeat, my home remedy for anything...If that doesn't work.You're the best
  8. For lack of better terms I "magically" came up with that $80 bucks. I havn't seen him in 3 months and didn't ask if he was going to gamble I just assumed.and FYP Jerko!
  9. Well it's safe to say I'm rollin' you a freakin' fatty dog!!!!Good read.
  10. I was expecting some bunk shake for $150, thankfully I was wrong.
  11. My good friend is off of school for a week due to Thanksgiving and he came down to visit his family and play a little poker, this is our night.Left work at 5:30, headed over to the bank, met of with my friend at 6:15 ate a great dinner with his family and left for the casino.45 minutes later we arrive and the whole ride my friend doesn't think there's going to be a game going that's worth playing in. It takes us 10 minutes to find a parking spot so it was safe to say there was a game going.There was no wait at the 1/2 NL $60 max and all I had was $80 on me and little do I know, my buddy is ta
  12. It consistently amazes me that certain people who consume marijuana are more intelligent than 93% of the people I have ever met.Nicely worded...FLIPaMENT
  13. cos fools be havin the vaccum lungs, an if you let em hit it for free, you hollar "dum-dum-dum-dum" luniz - i got 5 on itIf only variance got hiiiigher..+ev
  14. Well than that's what ricker will get, all of SD, but! Can I co-rep for Escondido at least?
  15. LOL, I found a new respect for herb once I mixed it in with a bottle of 151 and hadn't smoked in 3 months.Can we say puke fest...
  16. Okay I'll take from Del Mar up to Escondido, and SoCal J can take everything north and east of that. I don't know? I know we're going to debate this because SoCal probably wants Rancho Bernardo and probably wants Escondido. We can share?
  17. Dang, great memory fleung! It's going amazing to say the least. I quit cold turkey and didn't smoke anything not cigs or herb for 3 months. I also started a pretty hardcore diet regiment and lifting regiment and it all kind of burnt me out after 3 months of going from pot head to gym rat work-a-holic.I smoke sometimes still but not nearly as frequently as before. From an 1/8th a day to maybe once a week.I only smoke when I have a big party at my house or something, which is once a week about.Other than that I'm so much more energetic, healthy, clear-headed, and honestly less depressed. I
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