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  1. He's in debt 10k from 4 different people. Grammer buys up his debt with the help of KGB for .10 cents on the dollar.Worm wins 8k off roman and moreese and decides to take the 2k that the chesterfield south loaned him under mike mcd's name.So now he has 10k, see grammer at the strip club and snakes him for the 10k and tells him he owes him 25k total.25k minus the 10k he punked him for so 15k.I used to watch this movie all the time when I first started playing now I just pop it in when I'm masterbating.
  2. Rab with another fantastic banner. +1
  3. I think I'm going to take the gold with:Chip B) Is their a cooler name for a dog? I think not.
  4. Such a simple mistake can make you look so stupid.I'm reading through and I'm really understading him and he's very inteligent and he's making sense then boom "loosing" **** dumb **** sucker. (sw)
  5. If you like Bill Fillmaff it's worth the wait.I liked it.
  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, he's been around for a long time. You kinda missed out.
  7. He's obv. mocking Phil Helmuth but I can see how you didn't see it.
  8. So funny, I just played a house game yesterday and brought up bill fillmaff and we watched the video where he gets beaten by four of a kind and it always cracks me up.Thanks bro!!!!!
  9. I see almost every game I play, don't you love Mike Caro? Scanning to see how much they can win baby. I know, I should have thrown in the SW.Played a $20 rebuy at some guys house with 11 people, $500 dollar prize pool with only an hour rebuy. Gotta love loose Russians! I know .5/.10 people are buying in at least $100 greenbacks...
  10. thinking: –adjective1. rational; reasoning: People are thinking animals. 2. thoughtful; reflective: Any thinking person would reject that plan. –noun 3. thought; judgment, reflection: clear thinking. While everyone should be "thinking" on diferent levels we must think about table momentum also. Players in the level 4,5, & 6 are thinking above the average player.BUTWe absolutely have to concider the variable "emotion" created by luck and momentum.emotion–noun 1. an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cogni
  11. You have to go into the game somewhat knowing that it's going to be a crapshoot.No matter how well you play tournament poker sometimes the circumstances just don't permit optimum play with such a fast blind structure.IMHO, the correct approach would be to play it just like a normal Sit'N'Go but be more aware of when the blinds are going up so you can adjust your raises and hand values accordingly.
  12. Small stake home games are great for brushing up on read because that's usually the last thing on players minds when you raise .80 cents.It's always nice to throw a little stab at people in these games when you stack them for $1.87, lol.
  13. Exactly. That's why I watch so intently the player I want a read on. I'm looking at him when he raises, when he calls, checks, when he folds, and then you take all those little pictures and try and make a Picaso-esque read. They start popping up all over the place, you just have to open your eyes and be patient, and remember that nothing is definite. No matter how good you think your read is, people can always change their style of play.Good discussion btw.
  14. When I first started playing a guy at my house game whenever he had a hand he would stack his chips perfectly. If he was betting 800 he would put two stacks of 4 right next to eachother. If he was on the draw or bluffing he would always "fling" his chips in.Like Royal said it's not a reliable tell unless you've seen this player do it on numerous occasions and he's oblivious to his own tell.A little side note:Everyone has tells whether they know it or not.
  15. It's not all that odd just because there's a thread every other day about open farrelling.In all honesty, he missed whatever hand he was looking for, and decided that he didn't want anyone to see his hand regardless of how far behind he was./thread
  16. Pwnd.Just to redeem myself for laughing at the burn casualty, I'm picking up this game and practicing every night.
  17. Although these chips are expensive, dude, they're worth it. My good friend Jayk picked them up about two years ago now and they are still the best home game poker chips I have ever used.http://www.oldvegaschips.com/casinode.htmThey also have many other chip values and colors.Good luck, I remember when I first got a poker set it cost me $160 on Ebay for 300 11.5g chips, poker's so huge now, I love it.
  18. Keep postin' man, I laugh almost everytime, if I don't, I just look at your avatar and it makes me even happier.You = +ev.
  19. At first when I read this I was like *******! Then I saw your avatar, you are completely forgiven.To the OP:When you play set aside session money, if you're playing 10/20LHE you buy in what? $500-$1000, only bring one buy in. If you lose that buy in, go home. Start fresh tomorrow. Don't go blowing session after session if you don't have to.To everyone else:I YOU!****EDIT**** damn I read all those troll posts **** YOU OP! You are a troll, you d0uch3 cl0wn.
  20. Congratulations brother, keep it up, tourneys like that always stick in your mind.Definitly looking forward to the Sunday trip report. Play smart, play the table, be observant, and be cautious, GL!!!-Bwaves
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