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  1. As most of you have experienced your bosses sh*tting all over you throughout your career with their company I may have actually dodged a huge pile.I started my career 3 years ago and have pretty much been stepped all over the whole time.So much hope but only dispair.Well I've been passed up as a manager for the parts department of 2 stores and finally a miracle. I received a phone call around 7PM and it was the manager of one of the other stores and told me that the two parts guys had been fired at the same time.At first I was like, bullshit, all I'm doing is covering for those losers, but th
  2. Post up one thread that you've opened that's titled "My Boss Just Sh*t Himself". I personally clicked on it assuming it was Actuary posting about how he quit his current job for the new position with all the bells and wistles.Sorry, I am just impartial to cry babies.
  3. "...do it in round circular motions and don't you look at me woman.. DON'T YOU LOOK AT ME!!!" -Stuey Family Guy Season 2 Disc 2 Episode 1.
  4. Even though he sh*t himself, he's probably still shitting on all the employee's.
  5. I'm dloading the software right now, am I to late?
  6. Are you on level 6 of poker thinking or are you on an upper eschelon we couldn't fathom?
  7. And yet another QFT actually QFMFT just cuz!
  8. There's no need for understanding, he is actuary.
  9. Sounds great! Do you have an agressive portfolio plan for the shares or should I re-invest in my own portfolio? When do I get vested? Let me know.
  10. That's your favorite meal of the day too.Shot-gun anus!
  11. I play live so I just throw them the casino club card and they bring the chicken tenders and regular coke.*working a full time day job, I make my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th meal before I go to work the 1st and 6th are when I'm home.*Thus, you should have some food pre-made then just microwave it heat it up through a convection oven.
  12. Then I see this...Who needs the gym when you can just laugh your abs in right here on FCP!Thanks ron and royal...
  13. LOL, so hard!!! @ the FYP
  14. Mine's obviously the sexiest and no one disagrees *swipes hand with jedi like powers*
  15. I'll loan you the money if you give me 10% of all profits?
  16. congrats man... my first was a no money house game with my buddies. pretty sweet at least you made pennies I made nothing.
  17. I don't know about the promotion but your SN is awesome, took me a second but i got it. *pats own back*
  18. Just become a losing player and they'll give them back."since your good at poker you don't need bonus points, we only give these points to those who suck at poker, so sorry."Bologna!
  19. You can be the best at anything if you live, eat, and breath it."Q: What do you like to do besides poker?A: Is there anything besides poker? I'm a pretty obsessed person, so if you're talking about hobbies, I don't have any. Poker is my livelihood and my hobby. That's what I do in my "spare" time. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and kids."Family comes last baby woo hoo!I can actually see Bax in an Obsession video. The camera will pan across his eyes, then across his chest, then across the aces in his hand, then it pans up to his face and he wispers, "obsession" while rubbing the aces across
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