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  1. So I've had the palm pre from sprint for a while. Right when I got the phone I hacked into it to turn my phone into a WIFI hotspot.Just my luck my girl takes my phone charger, I have two, but I used hers and it's for some POS sanyo phone but it works for my Palm.There's 10 people left in a 27 man 10 dollar.Pick up KK...Lose network connection...Look over at my phone... DEAD!It took like 15 minutes for my phone to have enough charge to turn back on so I had like 1500 when I got back to pstars and that's that.

  2. lol - technically people who make money at poker i.e winning players who also have a full time job ARE semi-pro players. Can I call myself a semi-pro? I lol'd, did he actually call himself a semi-pro...thats sooo funny.
    He just said, "He plays full time." He played in two WSOP events including the main event with Nelly @ his table. He's good friends with Ted Forrest who's broke btw.I don't know I would classify him as semi-pro. Maybe just a "full-time-player" is a good name?
  3. Man I just need someone to tell me to hang in there.I just played for 5.5hrs and lost to 4-of-a-kind.Yesterday played for about the same amount of time. Made 16 bucks when I got knocked by:Pocket 55s.I have aces.Flop comes A55.I move in.Guy shows 55sJust sick lately. I'm usually good about getting sucked out on but man! Two days Two 4-of-a-kinds! Running bad online.Oh and why is it everytime I've had QQ or JJ lately someone calls with AQ and hits the straight? Variance sucks.

  4. Just got knocked out of a tournament 8's full of aces beaten by 4 of a kind.Yesterday playing a cash game on PS. Flopped Aces full of 55's w/ pocket aces, Move all in, get called by pocket 55'sWhy can't I ever be the one getting 4 of a kinds on people?I always seem to be on the short end of every hand lately.

  5. I played w/ a semi-pro earlier this year.I asked him if I had any obvious tells?He replied, "I can't tell you what they are."I ended up asking him, "Then what are some tells of other people you saw?"He replied, "Pulses can be a big tell."I had a feeling he was refering to me.I get a huge rush when I'm playing any hand. I guess that's what draws me to the game.I really focus on being calm now and exploiting that tell in different situations.*Everyone has tells it's just a matter of figuring out what they mean*

  6. The only person you hurt by going on tilt is yourself.You actually become a big target at the table and get called a lot more in general.Deep breathes and a big smile will keep you calm.It's definitely part of the game to lose even though your ahead.Once you've had thousands of bad beats, you realize it's just another hand.GL, stay cool.

  7. Variance, variance, variance. The only way you can explain your results is variance. You are lucky enough to have an uptick of + variance. Having said that, your strategy really isnt a strategy. Its more of an outline. Its not specific enough to give it a grade.
    Yay for variance.
  8. I've been playing a decent 35+5 bounty tourney @ harrah's rincon san diego.The most people i've seen buy-in is about 45 players. Not a huge tourney but great for the strategy i've been implementing.I tried the play tight and make solid moves around weaker players strategy and it's just not enough to make the money.I've actually been doing a no limp, small ball strategy.1. Get a feel for the table.2. Open up hand selection in position. Q8 suited and such.3. Raise, never limp. (exceptions)4. Fold absolute trash.5. Make money.I've played it 3 times using this strategy and i've final tabled and chopped all three times.Is this because of the low number of players? I'm still deciding whether it's a decent strategy overall or just for lower limits and smaller tourneys.

  9. Lottery.To keep it as simple as possible.Avoid "playing" the below average players. You don't need to value bet them.Get your money in w/ the best of it and hope he doesn't suckout.Keep playing solid.Don't tap the glass.It all comes back around... You know...Lottery.

  10. and because stuff like this never gets old and should always be remembered on special days like thisFull Tilt Poker Game #2736231794: Table Del Nido - $0.25/$0.50 - Limit Hold'em - 5:39:43 ET - 2007/06/22Seat 1: shelli894 ($5.95)Seat 2: MouseBurger ($21.30)Seat 3: Beast1985 ($7.05)Seat 4: n2deep4u ($7.70)Seat 6: stylinhawyn ($1,006)Seat 8: DallasRounder ($7.50)MouseBurger posts the small blind of $0.10Beast1985 posts the big blind of $0.25The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to stylinhawyn [4h 4c]n2deep4u calls $0.25stylinhawyn calls $0.25DallasRounder raises to $0.50shelli894 calls $0.50MouseBurger foldsBeast1985 calls $0.25n2deep4u calls $0.25stylinhawyn calls $0.25*** FLOP *** [8h Qh 4s]Beast1985 checksn2deep4u checksstylinhawyn checksDallasRounder bets $0.25shelli894 foldsBeast1985 foldsn2deep4u foldsstylinhawyn raises to $0.50DallasRounder raises to $0.75stylinhawyn raises to $1DallasRounder calls $0.25drunkendeuce sits down*** TURN *** [8h Qh 4s] [4d]drunkendeuce adds $5stylinhawyn bets $0.50drunkendeuce is feeling happyDallasRounder raises to $1stylinhawyn raises to $1.50DallasRounder raises to $2stylinhawyn calls $0.50*** RIVER *** [8h Qh 4s 4d] [2h]stylinhawyn bets $0.50DallasRounder raises to $1stylinhawyn raises to $1.50DallasRounder raises to $2stylinhawyn: i just pwned u so fcking badstylinhawyn has 15 seconds left to actstylinhawyn: save the HHstylinhawyn calls $0.50*** SHOW DOWN ***DallasRounder shows [Qc Qd] a full house, Queens full of Foursstylinhawyn shows [4h 4c] four of a kind, Foursstylinhawyn wins the pot ($12.10) with four of a kind, Fours
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