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  1. God I hope Doyle's Room doesn't go here.I have money on Poker Host and they just migrated from this new network to Tribeca and I like it soooo much more.PT is compatible with Tribeca and there are so many more players than there than the old network.I had heard that FCP was going to Tribeca and was pleased. Now I'm downright disappointed with this move. A huge step backward if you ask me.The hand history support is horrible. I can request only 50 hands at a time and they don't come in time stamp order. After playing 100 or so hands you start getting the same file over and over again no mat
  2. All PokerRoom skins work with Poker Tracker. However, Poker Tracker doesn't track SNGs or MTTs on PokerRoom sites only ring games.
  3. I believe Ferguson had a hand in the actual software development.
  4. I believe that a bet doesn't become part of the pot until it is called. Uncalled bets are returned to better, then pot is awarded.Full Tilt does this. Many online sites for whatever reason don't. I can't stand it when you have two players all in one for 10K and one for 1K and you see a pot of 11K then when the hand is over the 8K is shipped back to loser and 2k to winner. Doesn't make sense.My biggest gripe with the commentary - other than some of it is inane - is when they talk over the table talk. Most of the viewers could care less about what AJ and Gabe have to say but want to hear ev
  5. Sometimes this indicates a cookie problem. Next time try deleting your cookie and see if it will work for you.
  6. My first one was a total accident. I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, at the level of donkish play. And this was a $10 one. I was happily piddling around on my computer being distracted by other stuff when I realized that these people must be RETARDS... then I decided to look at chat, which I usually leave off, and there was some poor guy screaming in Spanish about TURBO blah blah blah. OMGWTF is he talking about. That's when I realized that the blinds are getting to be Gi-normous and I had better get my crap together. Fell in love with Arag hands and managed to win the thing. Haven't played
  7. First thing I do every Tuesday morning is DL that show from www.thepiratebay.com.I can't wait to see the episode with Esfandiari. Looks like he's pulling some crazy stuff.
  8. FTF SUCKOUT ON LEUKEMIASUNDAY FEBRUARY 26THON FULL TILT POKER 17:00 EST 5PM$10 + $16 No Limit Hold Em TournamentPASSWORD playforjillYou will find this tournament under the tournament/private tabs on the Full Tilt Poker lobby!!Erik Seidel, Steve Brecher and Clint Baird are already registered. We expect John Juanda, Andy Bloch, Jesus Ferguson and John D`Agostino among others to join as well.SO DONT MISS OUT!! Find out more about the charity that this is for by clicking http://fulltiltforum.com/Topic178624-37-1.aspx.
  9. It sounds like the software treated you as being logged in twice.I recently had that issue as well and it will fold the hand and then close the table. You probably confused the software by having both tables open at the same time when it moved you from one to the other. Sounds like a software glitch to me.
  10. Everytime I pull of a HH from a table I get a window telling me that the security certificate for this site is out of date or expired or something like that.Can you guys get that fixed please?
  11. @Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! STFU!The bracelet one was by far the best and hilariously funny!I heart @Ray.
  12. Hi gadzooks, there's an issue at the moment with the stats for tournaments in the download client not working as they should. The techs are aware of it and are working on a fix.I do have stats for the few MTTs that I have done but just stats - no hand histories that I am aware of. Are those going to be saved as well?Does it work correctly for the Java version?
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