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  1. So I did end up making a cash lineup for week 3. Feels like cheating to post it after the fact but I was in Seattle all weekend. QB Patrick mahomes RB ALvin Kamara RB Kareem Hunt WR Tyler Boyd WR Julio Jones WR Will Fuller TE Eric Ebron FLEX Corey Clement DST Cowboys Scored 169.86 and cashed all double ups. I really scaled back the volume for the first 3 weeks. If I wasn't such a wimp, I'd be up huge this year. 3/3 on cashes, but I've only been doing $70-$90 each week.
  2. They just happen to be the last 2 movies that I watched, and they both made me laugh out loud at multiple points because of the ridiculousness on screen. Only one of them was enjoyable for me though.
  3. Annihilation Equally as ridiculous as Jurassic world. Much less self aware. Much fewer dinosaurs running from lava.
  4. Suspended for pre season. For an established player, Sounds more like a prize than a punishment
  5. no cash lineup for me in week 3 since I am travelling to Seattle on Friday morning and I can't access my DK account from there.
  6. Scored 154 points and cashed all double ups comfortably. My alternate lineup with Antonio Brown would have scored about 135 and not cashed. 2/2 this year so far
  7. This is the least comfortable I’ve felt with a cash lineup since I started doing this. Feels like I should have Antonio Brown in there but I have to downgrade like 4 positions to make it work so I’m just going to let it ride and pray
  8. Much tougher week this week with tighter pricing. Here’s my cash lineup for week 2. If Aaron Rodgers does not play, I will swap Houston D and Randall Cobb for Vikings D and A different WR QB Ben Roethlisberger $6,900 RB Todd Gurley II $9,200 RB James Connner $6,700 WR Emmanuel Sanders $6,200 WR Randall Cobb $4,600 WR Devin Funchess $4,700 TE George Kittle $3,800 FLEX Tevin Coleman $5,300 DEF Houston $2,600 Really makes me sick to run a cash lineup without Antonio Brown or Alvin Kamara but it’s just tough this week to fit guys in. No free square $4500 James Conner. The succe
  9. Would Colorado have said no to a 1 for 1, Karlsson for Ottawa's first back? Because that would have been a better deal for Ottawa IMO, albeit embarrassing for the management team.
  10. Jurassic Park/world: whatever the newest one is called Maybe I just haven't watched a JP movie in a long time, but I feel like they used to take themselves a little more seriously. This thing is like pure B monster movie schlock from the opening scene. Just a completely ridiculous movie that I kinda enjoyed.
  11. Forgot to post my week 1 cash game lineup in advance, but here it is/was QB Andy Dalton RB Alvin Kamara RB James Connor WR Emmanuel Sanders WR Antonio Brown WR Keelan Cole TE Jack Doyle FLEX Christian Mccaffrey DEF Ravens Scored 210 points and cashed everything except for a couple smaller double ups with <50 entrants. Probably my highest scoring cash lineup ever but a really high scoring week so it was only like a 75-80th percentile lineup. I took it easy in week 1. Wish I would have entered it in more lineups. ended up winning about $75 total.
  12. RIP my only survivor pool this year. Went with the Saints.
  13. Depends on how you define hero.
  14. I mean, obama almost certainly murdered dozens of people in Kenya before he even illegally immigrated to America so I wouldn’t put it past him.
  15. I consider myself more of a dumbass drunk. (but definitely not driving)
  16. Thanks to Trump for finally settling the Lebron vs. Jordan Debate. Lebron GOAT.
  17. I liked the Dougie Hamilton trade a lot for them. I think they are still set up well to succeed this year if they can get some decent goaltending from somebody.
  18. apparently he vetoed some trades at draft time. I don't know the details of his NTC but that's always going to make it tougher to get a good return.
  19. I don't think they had much of a choice. I don't think they traded any long term core pieces. It made sense to move whoever they could and stock the cupboard a bit. Hopefully some of the pitching turns out and they can get some complimentary pieces to surround Vladdy and Bichette in the years to come. I think there is still hope for Donaldson to return and be a good to great player for them next year. Tulo, not so much. It was a fun few years for the Jays. It's too abd they couldn't win a title, but hopefully this rebuild isn't more than a couple of seasons before they are relevant ag
  20. I think building would be fun if you got good at it but I'll realistically never log enough hours for that to happen, so I'm all for trying a different game with no building.
  21. I feel like that is probably the defining characteristic that sets it apart from other similar games. The art direction is pretty unique as well but that is not really going to keep bringing people back to the game. It seems to me that the building aspect makes it more of a skill game than some of the competitors. in a 1v1 situation, I have zero chance of killing a good player as he is erecting a fortress and I'm just spinning around and jumping and firing wildly or whatever. At least in CoD or other random shooters I can get lucky every once in awhile and land a head shot or sneak up on s
  22. Steve, are there any other good free battle royale games for PS4?
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