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  1. How many kms are you putting on it per year?
  2. Seems drastic. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he isn’t very profitable as things currently stand if he is willing to close his shop on the unproven presumption of future lost business.
  3. Dermott and Gardiner hurt. This feels like a disaster
  4. I’ll believe it when I see it, but given past history, colour me extremely skeptical.
  5. I actually think the Leafs have been playing really well, even in the losses. His player usage just makes me want to bang my head against a wall though. Hainsey and Zaitsev playing more 5v5 minutes than Muzzin and Dermott is just unacceptable. He just can’t help himself and consistently throws our two worst players (by far IMO) into a lot of high leverage situations and it’s just not necessary. some of the forward allocations don’t make any sense either, though they are less damaging because the Leafs have a lot of good Forwards so it’s hard to screw that up too bad.
  6. Or Babcock can stop being an idiot and we could just be second overall.
  7. I say let a team offer sheet Marner, take the 4 1sts. Use the money to sign Panarin.
  8. He’s at 14% of next seasons cap. McDavid signed for 17% of cap in the first year of his deal, which would work out to about $14 million per year. I assume it would have taken at least 13 million to get it done for 8 years.
  9. Bandersnatch is really weird. Just watched it this week, not really sure what to think of it.
  10. I watched the Netflix fyre doc. Thought it was great. Been obsessed with Black Mirror recently. Binged the whole series in the last couple months. Love it.
  11. A good player who’s contributions are probably a little overhyped by the media. A good, cost controlled asset for the next few years though which is important considering some of the big contracts that are imminent. I’d be surprised if his next Contract in 3 years is with the Leafs.
  12. Bob, tell us about this new Canadian tennis superstar
  13. Week 15 QB Tom Brady RB Zeke Elliot RB Joe Mixon WR Julian Edelman WR Robert foster WR Kenny Stills TE Jared Cook FLEX Jaylen Samuels DST Redskins
  14. it's crazy how many people send hockey cards to Devan hoping for a signature. It's usually blatantly obvious which ones are actual kids/fans and which ones are autograph hounds with a template letter that they've sent to hundreds of players. I'd say about 95% are just autograph hounds/professionals. Devan tries to sign and return cards to the actual fans or at least the ones that put in the requisite effort to appear to be fans.
  15. Believing the moon landing was fake is less outlandish than not believing in Climate Change or believing Vaccinations cause autism IMO. I guarantee there are a whole bunch of pro athletes that fall into the latter categories.
  16. Gabby got jealous of Christian’s girlfriend and imploded her game. What a weird episode
  17. Volume just mean like how often he is going to get to touch the ball, or have the opportunity to touch the ball. Typically rushing attempts and targets. The Saints play really slow and share the Rb touches fairly equally between Kamara and Ingram, and the Bucs have started to play a lot slower since they gave Jameis the job back, so I was worried that Kamara would only get 8-10 carries and 3-5 targets, which means his floor can be on the low end, despite his elite talent. Still makes for a good tournament play but I prefer “safer” plays for cash games. As it turned out, Kamara got 12 c
  18. Ok, made some changes to a lineup I am more comfortable with QB Deshaun Watson RB Christian McCaffrey RB Jaylen Samuels WR Chris Godwin WR Courtland Sutton WR Sterling Shepard TE Eric Ebron FLEX Zeke Elliott DST Steelers
  19. It’s a good tournament lineup. I’m not comfortable with a few things for a cash lineup. Particularly not interested in going cheaper than Watson at QB or Ebron at TE, and Kamara has volume concerns for me to use him in cash.
  20. Week 14 QB deshaun Watson RB Jaylen Samuels RB Justin Jackson WR deandre Hopkins WR Tyler Boyd WR Chris Godwin TE Travis Kelce FLEX Zeke Elliott DST Redskins Honestly not thrilled with the lineup right now. Would like to find a way to get to another high priced RB (McCaffrey or Saquon), but can’t seem to do it without making a sacrifice elsewhere that I’m not comfortable with. Going to continue to tinker before game time to see if I can come up with anything
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