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  1. I totally agree with Nikatha here. It's a very simple statement but I think it's extremely important. If I read between the lines correctly it sounds you and I play a similar tight-aggressive game. However, I think there's a fundamental draw to a "sexier" kind of game... playing any two cards... hitting concealed big hands and taking people out. That desire, along with having a big enough stack to take a few gambles, sometimes mixes in a very bad way.So as Nikatha said, I like to take a deep breath after I win a big hand and remind myself what kind of player I am. Just because I now h
  2. Right, no one's saying he shouldn't have called. What we're saying is he maybe should have stayed away from the "Oh well, if I lose this hand I guess I can check out the Vegas sites..." speech before turning over the nut straight flush and essentially knocking Harmen out on the first day.
  3. I agree, that was a real jerk thing to say. When I first saw that I thought he was putting in a raise and trying to convince her to call (speaking of which, that speech would be the hugest clue in the world that he had a monster). I was shocked when I found out that he just calling all in. What kind of jerk says that just for kicks?Oh yeah. And everytime they went back to Jen during the rest of that episode she was still steaming... and who can blame her? As one of my friends said: "You think she's pissed off? I would've picked up my chair and smashed it over that guy's head after he ga
  4. Was anyone else absolutely sick to their stomach when they watched Jen Harman's full house get cracked on the river by the straight flush? Honestly, given the circumstances (day one of the WSOP Main Event) that has to be one of, if not the worst beat I've ever seen. Not good times. Bad times. Very bad times.p2
  5. I thought the entire Hellmuth meltdown was priceless..."This donkey stuff is getting old..."andHellmuth: You'll never see me put all my chips in with KJDonkey: I've seen worseHellmuth: Not from me, buddy
  6. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a scenario that seems to happen all too often online and how to play it. The scenario:I get dealt AA and raise it up between 3xBB to 5xBB and get one caller. The flop comes something seemingly harmless like K-7-4 rainbow, I bet into it and the caller comes over-the-top all-in. If you call, sure enough, he's holding 7-7 or 4-4 and hit his set. Now occasionally, of course, he's holding A-K or K-Q or even K-J and you knock him out... but it seems like an inordinate amount of times he's holding the set.Is there a different way to play this? I m
  7. Yeah, it happens. In fact, funny enough, I had virtually the same thing happen to me the other night when I was short-stacked in the final four of a sit-n-go... guy raised, I read him as week and pushed all in w/AQ suited he called w/QJ... flop came A-Q-10 giving me 2 pair... the turn (of course) came K knocking me out with his straight. I thought you played it fine... truth of the matter is it happens. P2p.s. the only thing I would question is your comment that with 7000 chips and blinds at 200/400 you "started playing a little more conservative..." This is the point that many pros (Dan H
  8. I guess for the other guy this would qualify as a "bad beat" of sorts...Brick and Mortar sit-n-go, we're down to five people and I'm short-stacked. I pick up 99 UTG and push all-in. UTG+1 looks at his cards and comes in over-the-top all-in himself. (Certainly not a good sign for me) The rest of the board folds.ME: 99HIM: QQFLOP: 4-4-4Turn: KRiver: KI sat there stunned as the pot was split... although not nearly as stunned as he was. In the course of your poker life, you see quite a few lower pairs counterfeited. But QUEENS? Unreal... P2
  9. I've devoured HOH1 a few times already... but I have not yet gotten a chance to grab HOH2 (damn work). I've actually heard several people say HOH2 is better than HOH1... which is a serious statement IMO. HOH1 is probably the most influential poker book I've ever read, in terms of my game, if for no other reason than it upheld a lot of beliefs about my tight aggressive style and changing gears occasionally. I think sometimes with guys like Hansen, Negreanu and Ivey out there, playing "tight" has become unsexy... I personally still find it my most successful style (by far). I must admit, ho
  10. I was hoping to pick your collective brain about how to go about tweaking my tournament strategy.I'm aFullTiltPoker online player who is winning (that is, cashing) fairly consistently in small money sit-n-gos ($5, $10) and I've just started playing the occasional tournament as well. I'm a tight-aggressive player in the mold of (but certainly not in the company of) Dan Harrington. I readily admit I probably fold hands that many of you would play, especially from early position, but I believe my patience is my greatest virtue. As I mentioned, I'm doing well in sit-n-gos but I'm finding that
  11. Well, I've gotten away from those freerolls for the reasons you described...I think your best bet in that style of tournament (where so many people feel they have nothing to lose early) is to latch onto a good hand and go with it. If you get KQ... that sounds like an all-in to me... J10? Yep, maybe...The point is, you want to increase your stack as quickly as possible. The more chips you have, the less likely it is you can fall victim to the maniac with 3-6 off suit. The good news is your chances of doubling up with KQ or J10 is significantly better than it would be normally. After all, t
  12. Hey guys...I'd like a little help on my heads up strategy. I used to consider myself a fairly decent heads-up player, but recently I've taken a lot of 2nds and I'm wondering if maybe I need to fine tune my game. Are there any truisms of heads-up play that you would offer?p2
  13. Totally agree. I bought Copag cards for my weekly game in December and we're still using them. The ink on the face side is finally starting to show some wear but the backings are still good and they're still completely unmarked.Any game store that supplies poker supplies (chips, tables, etc...) should carry plastic cards.
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