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  1. How would y'all feel about 7 bucks a gallon?Now shut up.
  2. Come on. I was kinda funny.As for number two, only if you smile just right.
  3. You make it sound like it's wrong or insulting to think someone's gay. That would mean being gay was wrong somehow.Now who's the bigoted motherf?
  4. Yes.He's married and I'm still not sure.But gay people rock, really, they rock the ....
  5. Yeah, and the fact that they'd take your money and close your accounts would kinda suck too.
  6. And you think that "sports guy" was the first to think of it? Yeah, right.Even the Rounders-writers have commented that the most improbable thing about the movie was that part. She was supposed to be played by some skanky pokerchick-looking actor cause the character was just meant to be one of those girls that work in the clubs, but then they got Famke and well, Matt would never forgive them.
  7. The question is: Why would 200 people want to?
  8. Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood.And for laughs, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (entire "trilogy" great, first one is absolutely briliant).
  9. Who gives a shit?Joe Rogan is seriously funny. It would be immoral not to spread the funny as fast as the Internet allows. Oh, and since they're getting married, guess who gets to bang her senseless today? Heh, poetic justice, no?
  10. You do realize the linked site is in Danish right?I can read it fine, but I guess most who read this will just be "WTF, what was in that beer?"
  11. Wow, that might be the funniest interview ever. Even better than Cardplayer first Matusow interview this summer.
  12. The object of poker is to make money. The player that wins the most is the best.But hey, come to my table and play great and give me your money. You'll think you played great, I won your money. Win/win.
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