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  1. OMG!?! What's that computer looking that at the edge of the sofa? Does she have a mechanical arm?? I knew it!! She's a robot! That explains the brilliant plays!! (And the, *ahem* wonderful 'engineering') :wink:
  2. Too bad they weren't selling a piece of Evelyn Ng... (yum, yum ....oh, right, for poker, yes, right, that's it.......
  3. ....Rolled up aces over kings. Check-raising stupid tourists and taking huge pots off of them. Stacks and towers of checks I can't even see over.That's what I love... *sniff, sniff*
  4. Playing great poker in a nutshell is this:Make fewer mistakes on then your opponents.Take advantage of the mistakes your opponents make.Play within your means.That's my 2BB
  5. Out of curiosity, to those whom responded they're a winning player keepa(n) detailed account of their wins/losses? Primarily I'm talking about playing in a B&M Cardroom, not online. Do you keep track of the money you're spending while you're out? (Tips, Drinks, Transportation..etc) Is this money coming directly out of your bankroll, or is it seperate? Do you keep track of Rakes - Time Charges.....Although money is the obvious desired outcome in playing, are you playing simply to win as much money in X period of time, or become a "master," of the game. For instance, in "Mastery," by George
  6. I've asked a few of my friends this, and they've all given the same reply of "Yes." For some reason or other, I was the only one who said, No. *L*My reasoning is this. First off, as far as the question is concerned, it just said help read your opponents; unfortunately no one can control how the board plays out. :-) Just a little thought. Besides that fact, assuming you played until you won your event of choosing, say the NL main event at the WSOP (which I'm sure most would choose), after that rush, I would believe it would be hard not to want to keep playing after that. You're looking at medi
  7. It's amazing. They have this new "mind phone." It's implanted in you, and all you have to do is think telepathecially who you want to talk too, and it dials to them. It's set to come out in the market sometime in 3012. :wink:
  8. I think the question is really situational, but, tend to agree people fold straights more then flushes. I have no problem going for straights or flushes and think of them equally in terms of winning the pot based on what the board reflects and how the players are acting. If the board is a four to a flush, and I have just and open ended straight draw, do you get out of the hand? Are you afraid of the flush? If you make your hand and it completes the flush do you lay it down because of the flush possibility? Or, if you make your hand and they fall short on the flush you can stand to win some n
  9. You're visited by a superior being. The being offers you a pact. The being says he will give you the extraordinary power to read your opponents with complete accuracy, and use it to win the tournament of your choice. The drawback to this is, after your win, you must agree to never play another tournament or cash game ever again.Would you agree to the pact in exchange for the use of this ability and win a tournament of your choosing? (e.g. WPT Tournament, a WSOP bracelet, etc..)If so, why? If not, why?
  10. Eleventy-BILLION million, fajillion, foogityshoo, *making Dr.Evil face* Dollars....
  11. Bionic Commando, and Tecmo Bowl, bitches!!
  12. Oh, lord!!!! *can't stop laughing* Soda Popinski was great!!!!!!!! :-) Man, old school. Geesh.What about that wacky Tiger guy whom I can't remember, that kept spinning around. What a putz. He pissed me off.haha. Soda Popinski.....man, that sleighs me. I found my new poker nickname. That's man. You made my day.
  13. I think ultimately, the bigger question is if/when (which although I don't know him personally, I'm sure something will be arranged...) it will be paid back. If it's not true, then it's just one of those "things," that comes up. If it is, then I'm sure it will be addressed. Much along the lines of great gamblers, Stu Ungar comes to mind (not that I'm suggesting by any means Gus has an enormous coke problem like Stu.. ) but, at those high stakes, it's pretty surreal, and almost like play money (from what I hear). I've never played that high stakes before. Being as smart of a player as he is,
  14. I would probably fold in that situation. Granted short-handed any Ace is a good Ace, but:* It's it's still 5-handed. If that were the situation say, three handed, I'd probably push all-in. If you raise, and are called at all, you're at best even money, or a possible slight, slight favorite. If any of the blinds have an Ace, you could be in a bit of kicker trouble. With the blinds at 100-200, still, you have time, but, not a huge amount. On average you'll be dealt an Ace once every Six hands, so you could see a pocket pair, or another shot with an Ace if things don't look up in the next round
  15. I'm in the Mt.Oliver/South Side area. Just looking for some places to play.message me if anyone knows where, or has a game going..
  16. I think the important thing is obviously to know the differences in the games you're in. Game selection is obviously a crucial part to playing. It's no secret in the lower limits people with chase with almost anything. In a game at I played locally, a 1-2, and 2-4 game, people with stay in with any ace, and anything suited. Man, I love it. Just sit back, and play your A game all the time. Because, if it's worth your time, it's with your best effort, regardless if you're playing in the WSOP, or a .25/.50 game online.... Personally, I think if you get accustomed to the way some people "play" a
  17. I think the advantages/disadvantages of giving advice are always two fold. In giving "good" advice, i.e. to suggest to the player ways on to improve their game can come back in the form of learning from that persons playing. Even "bad," players have certain qualities that embody them that another player may not. He maybe better at bluffing,but, when it comes to calculating odds or making certain calls, he could be lacking. Their's always that possibility helping others can come back to you..Of course, on the flip side, in giving them information, you're increasing the competition against you.
  18. On the contrary, actually, I found the book to be very helpful when first starting out, and even to help players to go back and re-evaluate. (i.e., your motivations for playing -money, fun, challenge, etc...-), and then to identify where your abilities lay as a poker play and be honest about their game. I liked it very much. Inside the Poker Mind is also another good title.
  19. Clint, Nice response, and while I do agree with alot of what you said, I must disagree with the last portion. I don't believe that as one "advances in skill," the immediate tendency is to digress to NL games simply because of the potential for more money. No Limit, and Limit games are two different animals, but, both with valuable skills sets in each. Before I begin, you are right in that response, however, I did forget to put Limit Hold 'Em games. Thanks for the correction. :)Limit games, for sake of argument let's stick to Limit Hold'em, are of mechanical nature, and require a great amount
  20. Quite possibly, yes, they could be. I was lucky enough to walk into a bookstore, and voila, it was there on the shelf much to my surprise, of course. How this is, I'm not really sure, but, I wasn't about to argue..*L* I haven't read Harrington's book yet, although I've been meaning too.
  21. "Lets try an refine a few perameters... 1) Texas Holdem No-Limit 2) Suitable for any ability 3) How it helped your game "Well, personally, I think that's a 'loaded' question, in the sense, that suitable of any ability does not necessarily mean that it's going to give you the most benefit when it comes to content. For instance, if you just graduated with your Masters in Statistical Analysis, a good read for you starting out in poker might be Super System, The Theory of Poker, Tournament Poker by Sklansky, Inside the Poker Mind, even Middle Limit Hold 'em by Ciaffone is a great book; depending
  22. All I have to say is, thank god, for Barnes & Nobles! *L* I'm glad I was able to read it there, because if I had actually bought a copy, I would've been pissed if I had lost my receipt and couldn't return it and get my money back...*L*With that said, though, it's definitely a good entry-level book. Although, I can't say overall that I've been a fan of Phil. But, that's just been my experience.
  23. Greetings.I've just managed to snag a copy of SS2, and it's definitely 'different ' then what I expected. I'm still trying to figure out how that is, exactly..*L* The section on Internet poker by Doyle, and his articles are pretty thought provoking. However, with all do respect to Mike Caro, I found some of his information to be a "re-hash" from his other work. I was expecting perhaps, some different information on tells, perhaps in relation to the internet, more information on limit/nl games. His book of tells, is definitely worth reading, as most of us have, and very much enjoyed his parti
  24. Pocket Aces... :wink: Just kidding..10-7s, or Q10, or 69s (dinner for two) : )
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