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  1. OP,Counter-Sue Capital One for allowing you to partake in an illegal activity... Claim they should have blocked these illegal transactionsOnce they have written off the debt, sue them for mental stress and then from $6k in the hole you are debt free and $50,000 richer. Another product of the fine American systemYou can then become the billboard face for the anti-gambling commission (unless you are fat and ugly, which I presume you are)you are welcome
  2. well said.I'm glad the rankings shamble has been exposed, and this well known expert has finally let loose and revealed the definitive offical rankings.Now there can be no more debateCan a moderator sticky the well respected and well known "thunderdan70" threads, because if all the rest are as factually accurate as this one, they are surely going to be worth being at the top all the time.FWIW in my brief lurking history, PMJACKSON21 will always be my number one *swoooon*... and Bizzle/Copernicus have displayed a clue.. couple that with PrtySux that makes my 4, and I'll throw in Mathcamp even t
  3. the link is correct. He is (inexplicably) down at the bottom of the page at number 73.
  4. hi offsetI can assure you that they day someone like me takes any kind of lesson from someone like you, is the day that 1+1= cabbagecarry on with the (very weak) flaming, I'm sure it fills an emotional void in your life somewhere.
  5. hi phlegmyes, this would be a really simple fold
  6. Sdnul,lets not make fundamental mistakes heregetting 3/1 or so whilst a 58% chance to win the hand is clearly a golden situation. If you were getting evens on a 58% chance then you might have a clearer case for not being enthused, but typically, anytime you get such an overlay as 3/1 as a favorite, you should be ecstatic to get involved **notwithstanding aforementioned comments regarding utility
  7. you still dont quite get it, but thats ok.. I didn't expect you to.do a bit of research into utility functions, and see what you think then.When people post questions on here, they do it to gather a deeper understanding of the different facets and factions of poker. Maybe if you think about poker a bit more, it might help you appreciate different situations a bit better.. namely if someone is playing with this in mind, as in to move up the ladder, if gives you a LOT more scope to accumulate chips off these people. Thats just one example of how thinking situations like this through can indirect
  8. since always?lets say someone enters the WSOP, they are a billionaire. Their only goal is to make it to the second day. Should they call all-in on the first hand with AA if everyone moves in?How about a family man that worked out before the tourney started that if he won $3m which would be enough to provide a very nice life for his wife, pay off his mortgage,allow him to retire, and secure an education for his kids. Should he call all-in at the FT in the situation posed by the OP with the AA and risk getting 1m, or should he fold and almost g'tee that golden figure of $3m?
  9. if you cant figure out the difference between it being on the first hand, and it being on the final table where you can fold your way to another coupla million dollars, then you dont deserve to have the ability to post an opinion.the correct play in a poker situation isn't always the one which maximizes your EV. IT depends on certain utility functions which are naturally different from person to person.. although being an expert on cardplayer magazine articles I am sure you already knew about that
  10. I bet some people posting in this thread would fold if they were actually in that position, and in some cases it wouldn't be the wrong decision.try and figure out why
  11. LOL ROFL, oh wait.. not funny at allmaybe its a dumb Q.. but thats ok.. I don't mind asking dumb q's on something so trivially easy as how to play uncapped rivers with the second nuts
  12. i have no idea if this is serious or not.i was about to ask how many bets would you go if it was uncappedthankstnl"widely recognised as the worst limit player around today"
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