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  1. It is 2:15 CST, and Dreamclown is waiting on 4 tables...
  2. unlimited rebuys? thats a bit of a disadvantage, isn't it? especially in limit
  3. 90% of the kids on this forum have a man crush on Daniel.
  4. Yeah, right. Next thing I know you'll be telling me there was some holocaust where some crazy guy tried to kill all the jews...RayWTF??
  5. the only Gus Hansen play you see is on TV for tournaments. I assume you are talking aobut NL cash games. My sense is that Gus plays cash games differently than tournaments. You need to play tournaments more aggressively because the blinds increase so quickly.
  6. Can't believe I missed this earlier. New Jersey Devils ring a bell?Of course they ring a bell. So they are one of three teams to do it. Elite. What is wrong with you people? They have the best record in the NHL. They are the famed Detroit Red Wings. They are America's team, similiar to the Cowboys. Every team they play on the road is a sell out. They have 10 Stanley Cups. And once again they are leading the league.
  7. They sure are an interesting phenom. How many teams have won 3 cups in the last 15 years?
  8. How about those red hot famed Detroit Red Wings. They don't seem to have missed a beat with the lay off.
  9. arnold palmerthat's worthwhile you idiot. I forgot that this site is filled with a bunch of teenager losers
  10. He is playing $10 NL and spead about $44,000 across 4 tables
  11. What ever happened to these? Are they just over?
  12. Sometimes the lights are shining on meOther times I can barely seeLately it occurs to meWhat a long strange trip its been....
  13. The Wings will still be a solid club, with defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom, Mathieu Schneider and 2004-05 AHL top defender Niklas Kronwall and forwards Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Steve Yzerman, Brendan Shanahan, Kris Draper, Kirk Maltby and Robert Lang in the fold.As usual the chase for the cup will go through Hockeytown
  14. Forsberg's rash of injuries and surgeries of late have made him soft. As usual the chase for the cup will run through Hockeytown.
  15. maybe you suck how many have you played? if its less than 80 you really have no idea if they are beatablefor Christ's sakes, doesn't that ever get old? maybe this site is filled with a bunch of idiot teenagers.
  16. I agree about the interface...so damn confusing with those stupid icons that people have or whatever they are. I just started playing there a few days ago and at first I couldn't get a read on anyone because I couldn't remember who was who. I can't exactly put my finger on why though, at least it's getting better.Haven't been there long enough to comment on the rest, but I will say that I've played the easiest sitngo I've ever played in my life on stars tonight...in one hand I got my all in for 1700 chips called by A J on a Q 9 9 8 8 board...my 10 9 took it down rather nicely.Are you insane?
  17. I have had nothing but positive experiences at Poker Stars. The only other site I play is Party Poker, so that is all I have to compare, but compared to PP, PokerStars' interface, sounds, graphics, movements, are way better. All my experiences with PokerStars' customer service has been excellent. My deposits on MasterCard are completely free. Sounds like you work for another site.
  18. that is just what fisherman say. please take me to where there are no fish. :shock:
  19. prior to getting dinged at his latest challenge match, DN was up over a mil from poker. this does not include income from all other activities. I'm sure he is heart broken
  20. hard to root for something that already happened
  21. Jeff

    i hate...

    this never ending thread
  22. Jeff

    how will the earth end?

    a catostrophic terrorist attack on the US will kill atleast 100,000 Americans and crush the economy for decades.
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