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    agreed. how about keeping your head down? just one time?
  2. shows you how long its been since I've posted... when did you change your avatar OP?
  3. I have so many different thoughts on so many levels. First off the link to the hand is pretty cool. But then you can actually play the hand which is awesome. Then I realized that you were only talking about 50 cents. Who cares? Then I realized that you do not call a $1 bet into a $7 pot with top pair and a good kicker. wow...
  4. No limit holdem offers more tools for a skilled player to use against an unskilled one (you can make a lot of money off them). That means that the difference between a top no limit player and a new no limit player is much greater then that of a new limit player and a top limit one. There are many reasons for this but a few include the ability to bet a varying amount at any point to either freeze your opponents drawing hand or completely bust him out in one shot or just to bluff him off his hand. Notice how you can make a big mistake in a limit game and you are out a few extra bets. If you m
  5. So I was thinking, how come poker is the only sport where the participants put up their own money? Why don't other sports do this? Why doesn't Tiger Woods offer to play anyone in the world for $1 million? It could be a mix also, like match play, stroke, stableford modified scoring. It could be on anyone's home course...interesting, no?
  6. I'll lay you odds that Lori was/is steaming inside after reading that blog. My wife would be and we are beyond solid (not to mention backed up with our "three kids don't do anything stupid" insurance policy).You sounded like Ethan Hawke's character in After Sunset.agreed. my wife and I have a great relationship. If I went on and on about some other woman on an internet blog they way Daniel did, my wife would be upset. It made me uncomfortable to read it. And I felt bad for Lori.
  7. What most of the people in this forum don't understand is that a bad run of cards is where the skill comes in. You cannot implement SSHE to the letter and wonder why you don't win. I finally realized this out for myself. Handling your emotions and betting patterns is the skill that separates the good players from the great.You are not experiencing a bad run of cards. You are just not good enough. If you could handle your emotions and understand the flow of each game, you would have the skill to maximize your profits in any situation. That is why posting hands in the strategy section make
  8. There was already a thread on this... I've said it once and I'll say it again... Store dried ramen unopened, in a cool, dry cupboard for 6 to 8 months.
  9. this isnt supposed to be a flame. My problem with it is just that it seems like there are 5 threads about the same thing and it isnt even anything interesting. take the things about poker and god for example. I dont think that I am an arrogant veteren, I just have noticed that genereal has gone way downhill. Everyone feels the need to start their own thread as their first post. It gets old after a while. I dont have a problem with all newbies, or even most, just the ones who post stupid things and start threads like "Hey Daniel! Im your biggest fan!" it gets old. I hate general anymo
  10. I think it is due to arrogant know it all veterans who think the purpose of the forum is to come up with the best most sacastic flame, regardless of the topic.
  11. being spiritual and saying you are close to God by reading the bible are 2 completely different things. Many spiritual people are not religious at all...
  12. there is something unique about a religious person who gambles for a living.
  13. Log: Hand 12 - Robert Schulz has the button in seat 3, Negreanu raises to $20,000 from the cutoff position, Schulz calls from the button, and Barnes calls from the big blind. Daniel reminds them to "keep it friendly." The flop comes As-Js-3s, Barnes checks, Negreanu checks. and Schulz bets $35,000. Barnes check-raises to $100,000, and Negreanu folds. Now it's back on Schulz, who takes his time to think and recheck his cards. Schulz folds. That wasn't very friendly.
  14. Since the FCPFC is an invite only restricted tournament, why continue to post updates/rules ect. in the general forum?no one cares...
  15. The deal as is plays 20:1 for 40:1 odds
  16. 1 in 40 means you should get 40X odds. It has nothing to do with breaking even in the long run. The deal as is plays 20:1 for 40:1 odds
  17. I am confused. I also got the Group Ten Qualifier. does that mean that I only qualify for Group Ten, or can I play in any of the upcoming tournaments?the email says "As one of our top posters within the FCP Forum you may qualify for play in up to 10 Quarterfinal Multi-table Tournaments all leading toward the Seat #2 Semifinal.
  18. I was at both Harrah's and Ameristar last night. Harrahs only has HE, and does not have any limits over 3/6. They have weekend no limits up to $1,000. Since in MO you can only cash in for $500 every 3 hours, you have to get there early and cash in twice after the 3 hours if you want to buy in for the max. NL games range fronm 100-200 to 100-300, plus the 500-1000 mentioned above. Ameristar has more action. They have more games, and last night they had a 15/30 HE game going. All small stakes HE games at the Ameristar are Kill pots.
  19. I don't tip if I am losing. if I have been losing for 2 hours and am down $100 and finally win my first pot, I probably won't tip until I am in the black.
  20. how do you think pros like Phil Ivey distribute their time between tourney and live cash games? Where do you think they make the most money? Like do you think Ivey spends 30% of his poker playing time playing in tournaments and this generates 50% of his total poker earnings? Perhaps Daniel spends 50% of his time playing tournements? Cash might be more profitable since my guess is that not all of it is taxed. I heard Chan once say that at this point he would have had 30 bracelets but he and others were concentrating so much on the cash games.
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