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  1. you stop playing for ever? I don't ever see that happening. Short of losing my house, job, wife, kid, clothes, cars, and being a naked homeless person (which is why I've been saying I don't have a bankroll), I don't ever see stopping. I am not on course for this to happen.
  2. I don't have a bankroll. I don't know what a bankroll is. How do you guys define a bankroll? what do you do when it is gone? Is it time based? I play poker and have a number in mind that I am comfortable losing. I never come close to it, but that is not to say that I don't lose. When I win, I don't add the money to a bankroll. I spend it. When I want to play again, I take money out of my checking account. I don't ever see stopping playing poker, and I don't ever see making a living at it.
  3. I never said I never lose. I said I have never lost my session stake and my session stake to date has been about 50X BB. If I lose, I lose no more than 20X BB. I play in a casino once a month. I am content losing 20X BB/ month and don't see that has a hit to my bankroll. In that sense, I don't have a defined bankroll. It is my disposal income, or my entertainment allottment, or however else you want to define it. I guess you guys are talking about putting in 40+ hrs. a week which I don't do. Since I never lose more than 20X BB, and more often than not I win about 20X BB, I feel comfort
  4. You have never lost a session and you want to know if that is good? ok ? Also I probably should have my boots on bc the sh*t is getting deep. If you never lose and you BR is "excessive". F it go to 10-20 NL if you never lose.I guess I should qualify. I would say my BR is $1,000. I play $3-6 with 50x the BB and win or lose 10-20X the BB. I feel comfortable moving up to $4-8 first I guess and see how it goes..
  5. I don't mean to sound snobby, but my bank roll is excessive. I've never calculated it. I have never lost a session stake in an avg. session of 10-12 hours. Game are usually 3-6 kill. Is this good? I've been thinking about 10-20 now.
  6. you guys really think you need 300X the BB as a BR? I was thinking 100X is OK. I play 3-6 at the casinos with about 50X and usually am either up or down $100
  7. which online poker site is best?
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