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  1. Any word on possible networks FCP will be moving to in the near future?
  2. While I am all for blaming the Republicans and the Christian Right on this one... it's not like this passed by some narrow margin. Democrats are to blame also!!!Down with Incumbents in '06
  3. No his 5 makes the lowest hand the Ace doesn't mater cause the 5 i slower than your 6
  4. For value and location can't beat the Imperial Palace rooms are not the greatest but the they are nice. Right in the heart of the strip and an added bonus the poker room has a really good 2-4 game and 1-2NL with $2/hr comps and the dealers were great.My wife and I stayed there in August and it was great.
  5. I typically don't do this and you have been here long enough to remember this so I am guessing you have another motive ... but there was a huge thread with this topic some time ago
  6. Not real sure I signed up through Party a while back... They don't spam you or anything so don't worry about that
  7. Free I doubt it unless you write the Hand History Parser yourself. Trust me the $55 for Poker Tracker pays for itself in no time.
  8. On FCP/PokerRoom I assume you mean ... I don't think there is anything ... but it would be a cool idea.
  9. I personally like the "Late Night" one... all pretty good though
  10. Believe what you like ... It is what makes this country great ... But I loved this come back
  11. I was in Vegas in late July and played primarily 2-4 at the Imperial Palace. Alomost everyone tipped a $1 a pot ... Somtimes more Somtimes less. They were dealling probably 30 hands/hr ... Do the math they prefer the current way to your model of tipping once at the end of the shift.I watch a guy throw a dealer .25 cents on about a $60 pot ... surprising he smiled said thanks and kept going ... He was slighltly miffed you could see it on his face, but he was very professional. The dealers at the IP were very appreciativ of the tips and ran a smooth game so I saw tipping when you won just an
  12. Sounds like a great way to tell millions about his bad beat
  13. Down to final 3 in secondI am taking this down So much for that out third JJ All In A5 calls and the Ace flops 3rd and $209 isn't bad
  14. I don't blame you...live poker is soooooo rigged.I agree
  15. Made the Final Table of the 5.50 11:45PM tournament on FCP:)
  16. I can't believe this has not been mentioned yet. How about the jugs on the new party poker chick :)Very Nice
  17. This is only part of the law passed by the house. The other part that is more of a concern is the provision to require ISP's to block access to online gambling sites.As a tech guy I am sure you could work out ways around this, but do you think the bumbling masses would bother to even try.
  18. Thanks for the info. Unforntunately I am not playing. I may try to enter a satellite when I get to Vegas on Tuesday.Good Luck to all the FCP'ers in the ME though.
  19. You have I believe indirectly answered my question ...Your answer is the field is slow large that they can't fit everyone in one place so they break up the field over 3 days(I believe) ... play down so far then after all the flights are done they combine the remaining players.
  20. This is a serious question for DN or anyone else who might know. Have the starting day assignments been made yet for the ME?I am guessing not because I did some searches and didn't find anything, but I couldn't remember when they did the assignments last year. I will be in Vegas starting the 25th and hope to do some railing if I havn't found a way to win a seat. It will most likely be craps and small stakes poker for me, but any gambling is good gambling :DThanks in Advance
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