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  1. I could be completely wrong, but these appear to be bridge-sized, and not the poker-size that most live players prefer. the difference is only 1/4" on the width, but its enough for me to wwant to pay a bit extra. Just my 2 cents.I prefer the bridge size. I think they're easier to handle
  2. check out www.homepokertourney.com for a review on cards.Personally I use the Kems and love 'em. Have also used the Royals but I think they feel more like plastic and they don't slide across the table as well, so you need to throw them harder or players are constantly reaching out to get their cards.
  3. After getting called down and losing, player 1 tells player 2 "Good call. You know persistant calling is the key to winning poker." Player 2 reponds, "Yep"
  4. It's a play money table full of donkeys.Ok, fine. Let me rephrase the question.The bets it displays are not in correlation to what has happened or happening on the screen.. One player does not even have enough chips to bet the amount it says he does?
  5. I'm not familiar with poker pal so maybe some one can explain this box. In the first screen shot where the program is predicting the Ace it shows the hand with 9,J,A but it also shows some very strange bet/calls. Can anyone help me out with this?
  6. Going to school doesn't matter. What matters is how much money you make. And I assume you mean exemptI'll assume your single and have no dependents. AND your parents do not claim you as a dependent. You also just use standard deductions. This pertains to Federal taxes onlyGross income ( includes wages, diddends, interest, etc) - (standard deduction + personal exemption) = taxable income.Standard dedusction for 2005 is projected to be $5000Personal Exemption is projected to be $3200So any income over $8200 is taxable. Taxable income up to $7150 is taxed at 10%, (total income of less than$15,35
  7. THe format is called "shootout". Basically you will be playing 3 S & G's. Overall I don't think hte strategy changes much. But skill at short handed play does factor in more frequently.Typically when you place at your table , moving you up to the next level you get paid, but maybe not at this game.Do you know what the starting chip counts and blinds will be from one level to the next. Again you usually play what you have and the blinds continue to escalate. For example, if you were 5 in chips at the first table you might find yourself very shortstacked starting out at the second level aga
  8. I have a tourney about every 6-8 weeks. Anywheres from 24-30 players @ 3 tables. Have dedicated dealers at each table and use TD. I think it is very difficult to run the show and play well. If you really want to ensure a well run event you can't really focus on playing. Surprisingly, or maybe not, some of the players that have come in the money the most are the guys dealing. I also supply all the drinks and food. I take a cut from all the buy ins and rebuys and I except voluntary contributions towards the food. Results: I am playing for free, most of my expenses get covered and everyone
  9. Why bet this river? ....Value bet? Why not check / call?
  10. 1500 chips10 g, ceramic, made by ChipCohomepokerchips.comcustomyou decide. I have red, green, black and purple for my home tournmantsfrom about .75 to 1.10 / per chipThey're customer service is exceptional. The chips I have have a custom designed logo. They provided the artist who worked with me and my ideas.Check out their website for examples.The more you buy the better the discount. All total I paid about a buck a chip.If you're used to the "dice" chips, which is what I used before these I will state right now that if you go with these chips you will never go back to composite chips again.
  11. You must play 1050 hands - you can check your bonus status at anytime to see how many hands you have played.You must play 1050 "raked" hands. Which means if 80% of the hands you play get raked you will need to play a total of 1312 hands. I'm sure you can do the math if you want to figure other percentages. Also. you'll have only seven days to play those hands or forfeit the bonus
  12. I would pretty much have to agree with RISEorFALL but I'll also add this. If the button is a decent player he is most likely aware of Miss passive also. If your going to put her on AA, KK, QQ or AK he is most likely going to also. And then he calls her??? Whats he got that he is willing to call??
  13. How do you fold flop and then call the turn??
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