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  1. I liked his style alot, but collazo fought well, too. I was supposed to go to that fight but plans got screwed up when the red sox got rained out. sucks...
  2. Thanks. You, too, if you're playing.
  3. I just satellited in last night and I'm wondering how many players are usually in this.
  4. Hmmm. I think you may be onto something here, Jefferey...
  5. Many months ago, I deposited on FCP via neteller (transferred money into neteller from Party Poker.) I don't recall paying any fees.Anyway, I was just going to deposit $600 into neteller from my bank account via instacash and they were going to charge me about $50. I ended up just depositing with my debit card onto fulltilt.Are there fees for cashing out, too? Meaning if I cashout from fulltilt to neteller and then to my bank account? I've cashed out before and don't remember paying any fees. It wasn't instant, though, so maybe that was the difference.Thanks for any insight. I refuse to
  6. I have played exclusively at FCP for several months now, but I am considering a deposit on another site, too, where there are more WSOP seats to win. Specifically, I'm thinking of Fulltilt & Pokerstars. I like the deposit bonus and rakeback at Fulltilt, but it seems like PS is sending even more people to the WSOP than FT. Any opinions on this?
  7. Can someone from FCP do something about "Poker Forum Newbie" as Fidler's title? A little dignity, please... lol.
  8. Tonight is amateur night at the local strip club, but if I get home early enough (read: kicked out) I'll be there.
  9. Hi. I read about the 2 FCP seats to the WSOP. Does Poker Room have any WSOP qualifiers? If so, can I not see them because I'm playing on FCP? I really want to try to win a seat at the WSOP and I would prefer to do so through FCP.
  10. You have no idea how jealous I am. I haven't been down in a few weeks. What games will you play?
  11. Almost everybody I know that's good at poker has gone through something like this, usually after they're a winner for awhile. You start to think because you have been a proven winner you can play anything and still win. You obviously already know you're breaking all the rules you followed to become a winner. Formulating a winning strategy at small stakes is extremely easy. Sticking to that strategy is the tough part, the mentally challenging part. Learn from what's happened and get better.
  12. http://www.guinnessandpoker.blogspot.com/http://terrencechan.livejournal.com/
  13. Good game last night.In regards to the rest of this thread: Jesus, I just watched Team America and that song was stuck in my head. Evidently the right move was to post in the original thread. My bad. I amused myself, at least...Oh yeah, for the record I'm almost 100% sure that I'll be alone for the rest of my life. I've come to terms with it.
  14. and all I could think was:"...everybody has AIDS. AIDS, AIDS, AIDS. AIDS AIDS, AIDS AIDS, AIDS..."Am I alone?
  15. If you learn from it and don't let it happen to you again, it was worth the loss. Easily.
  16. ok. I absolutely remember you now. you really do look 12, but you're a good player. You had a shitload of chips, if I recall correctly. I'll definitely pm you before I go back down there. if not this weekend, then next. I'm sure you're anxious to get my chips! lol. That's cool, man. It's nice to put a face to a name on this forum.
  17. I played a couple hands really badly. I got away from playing my game, basically because of seat 8 raising every hand. He really is a good player. It seemed that seat 1 & seat 8 play for a living. Do you? I still can't remember what you look like, though.
  18. Are you serious? You weren't the guy that whined about bad beats the whole time (especially to the black kid in the 3 or 4 seat) and almost got in a fight with the LAG, very good player in the 8 seat, were you? I can't remember if he/you were in 1 or 2. I think he was 1. What do/did you look like? I wore a redsox hat and probably looked like a deer in headlights. lol... Oh yeah, and I kept talking about how I wanted to move back to the other table.
  19. It's not like there's any problem. I realize the swings mean nothing. It was just a story about what happened to me and how I could have and should have handled it better. I thought it would spur some conversation about similar experiences other people have had. I guess I just posted because I learned something from the experience and I thought someone else might, too.
  20. I think it would have been easier if I hadn't had to wait so long to get in the game in the first place. Also, I drive 2 hours to get there. I guess the move would have been to leave and grab something to eat and then come back and see if I could get back into the good game. Oh, well.
  21. Lol. Thank you. I guess that does just about sum it up...
  22. So I was at Foxwoods on Monday to play some more 20/40. I got there at about 8:50AM and put my name on the list (I was second.) I got my chips and went over to the one table that was going at the time. I watched this game for quite awhile and there were two or three guys that were very good (I had seen them there before) and the table didn't look nearly as appetizing as it has the past few weeks. To be honest, I didn't have a great feeling about things. After about an hour, I noticed that the list for 20/40 was up to 6 and I heard they were going to start another table. Sweet. So they o
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