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  1. DN, will you be in Vegas 1/27-31? Any chance of you playing in the big game at that time?
  2. Anyone know of best deal for opening a new account there? I've seen the most common advertised bonus, but I'm hoping for some miracle, super-secret insider bonus....
  3. At that level he just as easily could have had tt, jj, qq, kk, aa or even ak. Flopped sets=ATM. You did the right thing. nh.
  4. uh, the entire story's jacked from Cool Hand Luke. 50 eggs. 2 Cocktail waitresses. It's all in there, kids...
  5. 1.) Play more live poker for real stakes.2.) Be a better human being.3.) Have sex with Jessica Alba.
  6. Just ship your clubs to your hotel via UPS or Fedex and ship them back when you leave. Most nice hotels will do this for you. Probably cost you $50-$100 each way depending on how fast you need them to get there or back. Well worth it instead of lugging them all over the airport...
  7. I f...ing love this forum.
  8. Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Please keep posts about experience with this game coming.
  9. Does anyone have experience with this game? Mostly locals/regulars or do tourists often play it? I'm going to stay at Bellagio in January and I'm considering taking a shot at this game. This is the outer limits of what I can risk in a game, though, so if it's a bunch of LAG pros, I won't play. Any comments about the play by someone who sits in this game often will be appreciated.
  10. That is exactly what I was thinking.
  11. Why is the OP getting ripped here? He just wanted DN to be aware that the President of Iran is a psychopath. What's the big deal?
  12. My impression was that TLK was beating Ivey pretty regularly as late as a few weeks ago, but that Ivey now seems to have turned the corner and is winning on a regular basis. Has Ivey consistently played HU limit online for a long time or has he just started focusing on it recently? I know he destroyed Andy Beal, but that was a relatively short sample and it was live. I feel like the fact that Ivey can adapt and beat TLK, who completely specializes in a single game and is regarded as one of the best, just goes to show what a ridiculous amount of talent Ivey has.
  13. Who is this guy? Sitting w./over $1M right now...
  14. I'm getting to vegas on 7/18. Will there still be ME satellites going on? If so, what are the buy-ins? Thanks.
  15. Golf rules. Nice signature, Chester. The best thing about Chuck Norris is seeing him get hit in the head with a paddle...
  16. I watched the movie "The Weather Man" while high this weekend. Laughed my *** off. "I just got hit by a Frosty..."Anyway, it's obvious you can have success either way. As a test, I am going to get absolutely ripped prior to the Neg-O tonight and see how I do...
  17. 3830. would be over 5000, but i'm a terrible player...
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