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  1. I recieved the confirmation when I signed up when the new site launched, but have yet to hear what pool I am in.I guess I should try signing up a second time?
  2. Who should we contact? survivorhockey@fullcontactpoker.com?I got no response.
  3. Who should we send an email to if we didn't get assigned a pool #. I filled out the form at http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/sports-fans.php#rules the day it was available.
  4. Anyone wondering about cashing out of this site with the free money when you get enough points? My cheque cleared yesterday, so go for it.
  5. Hahah. I just talked to support and I am the first one to cash out. :-)
  6. There is usually close to one full table in the evening. And there is a constant stream of people giving away their $10 dollars coming in an out. In order to get enough comp points you really have to play sit in goes though. I found another guy who wanted to cash out and we just played a bunch of $5 sit n goes going all in first hand until we got enough points.
  7. I finally generated enough comp points to cashout. I'll let you know if it works.
  8. See Lalime really blows. He was released yesterday. hahahahhaI was wrong about the backup though.Which was really the major point of the conversation!Well, I didn't bother looking at who the backups for Lalime where. I just know that Lalime is a donkey!
  9. That sucks dude. Glad I spewed my chips wanting to go to bed when I did.
  10. See Lalime really blows. He was released yesterday. hahahahhaI was wrong about the backup though.
  11. Anyone who complains about the new site/poker room is just a dumb@ass. Daniel has always gone out of his way for the FCP community. There is no reason to think this will change. He is in no way a sell out. I want to sent out a big thanks to Daniel for everything he has done for this community so far.
  12. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I really wish these people could have transfered their invites. I am guessing that atleast 40 or so know they can't go already and another 40-50 will decide to not go. Still should be an amzaing tournout, though. It is good to see all the forum regulars from t-dot were invited as that is the way it should be.
  13. Anyone know if the y are sending out anymore invites for people who can't go? Still keeping my fingers crossed.
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