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  1. Many times on the forum I've read that you should be able to consistently beat a particular limit before moving up. I was wondering what was meant by "consistently beat."Thanks Orville
  2. Exactly. I started on UB 4 months ago with 50 bucks. That was my bankroll. When I lost it my wife and I agreed that I would not deposit any more money. In the first three weeks at the .50/1.00 limit tables I tripled my money. Then, in five days I blew it all the way down to $12.38. I was frustrated. My A-10 thru A-2 offsuits were no longer hitting. I had read Phil Helmuth's book so I had any idea of what premium hands to play, but I figured adding some marginal hands and downright crap hands was OK. Hey I was doing good with them. Then reality hit and I almost busted out. I reread Phi
  3. Looks like a wet dog. How would you like to wake up next to that.Orville
  4. You might need to explain yourself a little more? Are you talking about having AK in the BB and 7264 limpers? You should raise.If three players limp to you in the big blind, would you raise or just check?
  5. I usually play limit hold 'em. I was just wondering if anyone like to see a free flop or raise.
  6. I love to see a free flop. Any opinions?
  7. Cash Out? You actually cash out. I like to leave all my bankroll at UB so each time I'm tempted to blow it all. That way I don't spend it on drugs, alcohol, or hookers.Orville
  8. Thanks. That clears it up. Hopefully my buddies will understand itOrville
  9. I usually play limit, hence my question. What are the minimum bets in no limit? Is it at least the BB the first two betting rounds and then double that for the last two betting rounds. I have tried to explain it to friends, but they don't understand.ThanksOrville
  10. Go to pokertracker.comI've only had it for about two weeks but I would have to say it is worth the $55 I paidOrville
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of low limit hold em. This happened to me quite often on UB until I came to grips with it. Some people are just playing for fun and don't care that they have only a 5% shot at winning. They are playing the possibility not the probability. Just play the premium hands and be aggresive, and don't feel bad about taking all of their money(a fool and his money are soon parted).Orville
  12. You might try Ultimate Bet. They have .05-.10 limit as well as .01-.02 limit. I started there with a $50 dollar bankroll and have doubled that in about five weeks. $50 is kind of a small BR but if you play smart hopefully you will build that up. As for a stat tracker. I use Poker Tracker. I have found that it helps you by showing you what hands your are making money on and what hands you should throw away.Good LuckOrville
  13. This is my favorite. I tried it at McDonalds but the pimply faced cashier didn't get it.Orville
  14. Exactly. Patience, Patience, Patience. Remember it's not how many pots you win. It's how many you don't lose. If you get bored while playing. Try reading some FCP post as you play.Orville
  15. Ultimate Bet runs free rolls just about every hour. The ones I've played don't pay out money, but usually entries into bigger free rollsOrville
  16. Private message Jayson Weber. I think he can start you in the right direction.
  17. If you have Poker Tracker, which is great, go to the search section and type in Poker Tracker. Member Jayson Weber has a great section on it.Orville
  18. When I get pocket aces I used to sit still and not act emotional. Of course then everyone folded. Now I jump out of my seat, whip my pants off and yell "time to unleash hell." You'd be surprised on how many people call you after thatOrville
  19. I started at the .50-1.00 tables with a $50 bankroll at UB. Within 3 weeks I had it up to 130. Should have cashed out as I got greedy and played it down to $12 in just 3 days. I now play the .25-.50 limit tables. I play tight and agressive. I raise where apropriated and am not afraid to fold if I feel I am beat. I used to call just to see if the other person was bluffing. I have found out the hard way that most of the time the other person is not bluffing. Patience is a virtue. Today I saw just over 200 hands in 2 and a half hours. I played about 25 hands to the flop and won 11 of t
  20. In my neck of the woods B & M would be great, but I don't have any to go to. I am stuck with online poker. When I play home games, it is great to try to figure each player out that is actually sitting at the table with you. It is a rush when you get to actually see the person whimper when you send them homeOrville
  21. Borrow it anyway. This is one of the best poker movies I've seen.
  22. Thanks for the replies. I wanted to make sure I that I wasn't being paranoid about folding to much.Orville
  23. Can you have to much patience? Last week on UB at the .25-.50 limit tables I folded 17 times in a row at one point. I had terrible hands, but is this to much patience. Should I at least call some raises with crap just to see the flop?Thanks Orville
  24. I would say, first download Poker Tracker and see what hands that you are actually winning with. Then try to play those hands, depending on the situation. If you are not worried about padding your bank roll then disreguard any advice that is given. The Big L is about bowling not poker so why you were watching that is beyond me, but it is a good movie to watch(just not about poker)I have'nt done it yet but try to find the sights that are the easiest to play. From what I hear Party Poker is easy to beat while Ultimate Bet is one of the hardest due to the players. Either way play smart!Orvi
  25. Yes I'm a newbie. There I admitted it. I feel so much better. I joined this forum a little while ago, not to win stuff but to get better at poker. I may not post a lot, but before I post I search for the topic I am interested in. If I find what I'm looking for, then there is no need to post a topic that was already done. Maybe it should be quality not quantity. If you don't like newbies winning stuff maybe someone should contact DN and see if he could have contests for newbies, groupies, veterns and so on.
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