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  1. AQs vs 69AJs vs 7477 Vs Q3 for my last 700Disappointing river rats
  2. thank ya much http://broadcast.global-mix.net/?m=gameintv&.wvx=
  3. anyone have the link to this i lost it
  4. ive had one blind left of 1500 chip leader had 685k 10 players left an i came back to win it so chips dont matter as much as cards an play at this point
  5. u all suk at my joband that's a 90 minute dinner break. chip counts just before we restart @ 8:15.Hand 81-pungent sulfuric acid says TD Grooms--Bryant King reraises Kia 130K. JT4 flop, Bryant moves all-in and Kia Mohajeri is thinking this one over---its a 227K all-in from Bryant. Kia folds.Hand 80-Daniel bets and wins the pot.Hand 79-Lee Markholt calls the BB, Bryant King on the button calls, Kia in the SB calls; Daniel in the BB raises 100K (three limpers what did you expect?) Lee folds, Bryant folds, Kia folds. Ta-Da!!Hand 78-Daniel raises 30K, its a standard, all fold.
  6. Hand 76-Kia, Daniel and Lee to the flop; its 762 check Lee bets 30K Kia calls 8 on the turn Lee folds.Hand 75-Kia and Daniel see a blind flop T82, Kia bets 25K, Daniel calls; turn is a 9; Kia bets 70K; Daniel folds.Hand 74-Lee Markholt on the button makes it 36K, Kia Mohajeri calls. Lee bets 50K, Kia moves all-in on the J 5 4 ; Lee lays it down, Kia shows a King.Hand 73-another pot for Daniel Negreanu with a raise.really this is my last post someone else up there post count
  7. Hand 72-Kia, Daniel, and Lee see the flop 876 all check 6 turn Lee bets Kia calls Q on the river both check and Kia wins with a bigger kicker, both players had Queens and Sixes.Hand 71-Kia makes it 30K; Daniel makes it 60K call; AKJ flop, Daniel bets 40K, Kia lays it down, another pot for Daniel.Hand 70-30K from Daniel; all fold.Hand 69-Bryant and Daniel to the flop 866 T on the turn A on the river. Danel bet the river, Bryant folds, Daniel flashes an Ace.
  8. Hand 68-A large furry creature scurries through the event center-Lee Markholt gets a groundskinner.Hand 67-Kia Mohajeri raises-all fold.Hand 66-Get your fix on route.......... Raise from Daniel to 30K and shows AA on the fold, fold, fold,Hand 65-Blinds are at it again, this time its Lee and Bryant. Byant raises, Lee folds.Hand 64-Daniel and Lee in the blinds see a flop, Lee bets 50K Daniel calls, both players check the turn, both check the river with A9 Daniel takes down the blind on blind pot.
  9. ill stop now im runnin in 2 tourneyshttp://news.pokerpages.com/component/optio...sk,view/id,676/
  10. Hand 63-Bryant makes it 30K from the button; Daniel makes it 120K says: "its my turn" Bryant folds.Hand 62-Daniel opens again for 30K; Bryant King calls. Flop is 985, 50K from Daniel, Bryant calls turn is Ace Daniel bets 80K and wins the pot.Hand 61-Daniel Negreanu opens for 30K; all fold.(we are 30 minutes from the dinner break)Hand 60-Kia opens for 40K; reraise from Lee Markholt another 100K; Kia folds, Lee wins the pot.
  11. Hand 59-Bryant King open for 40K; all fold.Hand 58-Daniel makes it 30K, Bryant King raises 115K, Daniel calls and when Bryant pushe in on the flop Daniel folds.Hand 57- Lee Markholt and Bryant King see a cheap flop; Lee bets the flop Bryant folds.
  12. Hand 56-Daniel and Lee Markholt in the blinds, Daniel calls, Lee raises 30K, Daniel Calls. JJ9 flop check check ten on the turn check check Q on the river check check, Daniel has a nine and another small pot. Not so small actually.Hand 55-Daniel and Kia in the blinds, Daniel bets the flop, Kia folds.Hand 54-Daniel opens for 30K; Kia raises 85K, Daniel calls. Flop is 877, check check 5 turn, Kia bets 30K, and said: "he was going to try to buy a free card." Daniel calls and says he wants to "play nice" check check the 3 , Daniel has a pair of deuces, Kia shows AK, Daniel wins.
  13. Friday, 27th of January 2006 05:45 PMHand 52-30K from Daniel, 90K more from Bryant, Daniel calls. Flop 984, Bryant moves in and Daniel folds.
  14. Friday, 27th of January 2006 05:41 PMFast and Furious but the chips are moving to several players not just the chipleader. There is a short break after each bustout for the ESPN interview and set adjustment.
  15. Friday, 27th of January 2006 05:38 PMHand 51-Kia Mohajeri and Brian Lamkin are all-in, Kia has him covered and shows AK, Brian has 88; flop is K72 Kia has flopped top pair, turn and river are not eights.Brian Lamkin 5th place $137,370
  16. Final Day/Final Table Hand 50-Brandon Adams all-in; Brian Lamkin reraises all-in. Brandon shows K 9 Brian has A Q only nine or queen to save Brandon 4 and even less outs 7 . Nope!Brandon Adams 6th place $114,475 Brandon Adams really slowed down? Have the gang of five stopped the Negreanu Express? Hand 49-Bryant King opens for 40K; all fold.Hand 48-Daniel Negreanu makes it 30K to go, all fold.Hand 47-Kia opens for 30K; Lee Markholt calls; Bryant King moves all-in for 207K more; Kia folds, Lee folds too. Daniel Negreanu does not make it to rest and relief in the non-calling interim.
  17. missed oneapproximate countSeat Poker Player Chip Count 2 Daniel Negreanu $ 1,160,000 1 Brian Lamkin $ 90,000 4 Bryant King $ 265,000 6 Kia Mohajeri $ 320,000 5 Brandon Adams $ 120,000 3 Lee Markholt $ 470,000 Hand 43-Daniel raises to 40K; all fold.
  18. Friday, 27th of January 2006 05:17 PMHand 46-30K by Brian Lamkin, Daniel calls, Lee reraises to 130K; Brian Lamkin folds as does Daniel.Hand 45-Kia makes it 30K to go; in the BB Lee Markholt calls. Flop of JT2, check check A . Kia bets out 60K, Lee folds.Hand 44-Brian Lamkin is all-in, Lee Markholt who had opened for 28K makes the call. Brian shows 88 and Lee shows AK. Flop is J64 Turn is a 7; and the river is a 5. Brian straigtens and doubles.
  19. Friday, 27th of January 2006 05:07 PMHand 42-Brian Lamkin all-in pre-flop for 99K; all foldHand 41-Brian Lamkin all-in pre-flop for 73K; all foldHand 40-40K from Daniel, Lee calls, Bryant King moves all-in for a bunch and wins it.
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