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  1. 21k no one wants to play against me they see the flop then fold24 th place had Aq guy called all the way down to the river with a small pair i belive2nd break currently in 18th i started to push a little with my stack an seems to be working
  2. AA vs A10 i let him see a flop then reraised an all in he had pair of tens i have all his chips an now up to 16kIf you try to chat with me ill probably miss it cause office is running an fill the chat screen with everything
  3. 8500 small reraises in bb 700 i have ak suited wrong suite low cards i have to let it godrawing hands, and cant seem to bluff these guys out of anythingi think thats the entire issueAA on the button one preraise early position reraised he folded
  4. well its break time nowi try to avoid any big confrontations with any drawing hand in the first 5 hours
  5. I have been over this several times and i cannot find a way around this hand Hand Number: 282,056,591 Table Number: 3,829,819 Event Name: 500-No Limit HoldEm (#2576502)SNHS Event Started: Saturday February 25th 8:28:08 PM CST 2006 Event Buy-In: $ 500 ($ 5,000 total prize pool) Game: No Limit Hold 'em Level VII: 50 Ante 150/300 Blinds (25 Minimum Chip) Average Stack: 7,500 (3,000 starting chips) Remaining Players: 4 (10 started) Seat 2 : Danibear starts with 5,100 Seat 6 : Johnny_River starts with 3,450 Seat 7 : MRQ starts with 10,250 Seat 8 : JasonBo starts with 11,200 Seat 2 : Danibear has th
  6. As much as this emulates everything about stacked looks like they copied an redid the website i think there should be a lawsuite brewwing here
  7. Here is the email I got from PartyPoker yesterday morning:Dear Mr Bonomo, This communication is to inform you of the findings of an investigation launched internally by partypoker.com into six accounts originating from your own location and computer. These are the accounts in question: ZeeJustinIBLUFFUOUT69jwilson55vapoker58mehsabgreenb272 These accounts have been systematically used to enter the same Multi Table Tournaments as a ýteamý, in a deception that is in direct violation of our Terms and Conditions. Although registered in different names, these accounts have been created with the sole
  8. Just seems so soon after seeing apost by practically the same person about JJprodigy
  9. wonder if he will lose his job as a writer for http://www.highrollerlife.com/
  10. Dear PowPowMeow,These accounts (all associated with account KidPoker) had already been flagged by our system as originating from the same IP/System and we have now concluded our investigation.A total of six accounts, all with different biographical information, were making multiple entries into the same tournament from the same IP/system.(why tell him how many accounts were flagged)This is in direct violation of our Terms and Conditions and the six accounts have been permanently closed and the player barred from our site. We have placed a substantial amount of money, from all the accounts, on
  11. I smell a load of BS an its form this thread
  12. yeah as posted about jj prodigy or maybe thats youhttp://www.pocketfives.com/C2C886E4-5E15-4...80E2FD767F.aspx Thank you for writing us.We reviewed the "JJProdigy" account on PokerStars and discovered that he had played multiple accounts in some of our tournaments. This is against our tournament rule #21: http://www.pokerstars.com/tournamentsrules.htmlBecause of the severity of the infraction, we closed the "JJProdigy" account. Obviously, we don't like closing a player's account, but the integrity of our games and tournaments is our highest priority and we will do whatever is necessary
  13. AK is really a better hand against 3 people also its not a good all in hand a 2 :icon_suit_spade: could take you out. Learn to be the willow
  14. Post here to pracise practice our spamming potential
  15. 86 User(s) are browsing this forum (48 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)38 Members: JasonBo, joelav128, Jordan, Napa_Don, Tommyhawkers, whatarunaa, Theraflu, Kangaroo, Lexomatic, WKTSWAY, TentacleFace, EmFactor, No_Neck, Hotmark777, kim2062, bhaas, grocery_mony, BigFish, PoppinFresh, Lpyle04, CrackofmyACE, kinger, sfrelick, Rmunro, Vatche, TheCinciKid, Longshanks, Wingmaster05, crocd99, Tailspin, msals11, GrinderMJ, Cadam11, 72offsuitt, Kuge, Al Smooth, MikeJohnson724, LongLiveYorkeIm in first
  16. Search a couple of my frinds clayftknight and pet monster
  17. Actually poker db shows thisTotal Winnings: $101,444Total Final Tables: 69Tournaments Played:Date Tournament/Event Place Winnings02/19/2006 Hold'em NL $200 696 $32002/11/2006 Hold'em Limit $200 9 $36401/22/2006 Hold'em NL $100+Rebuys 26 $55901/21/2006 Hold'em NL $100+Rebuys 14 $58101/17/2006 Hold'em NL $100+Rebuys 2 $7,92001/17/2006 Hold'em NL $100 6 $1,28701/15/2006 Omaha Hi/Lo Limit $200 3 $4,35511/27/2005 Hold'em NL $500 170 $70511/26/2005 Hold'em NL $100 33 $15311/01/2005 Hold'em NL $5+Rebuys 10 $22910/31/2005 Hold'em NL $5+Rebuys 59 $5910/31/2005 Hold'
  18. Dont tell people i have been over at pocketfives
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