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  1. Can I still choose Penny over Flash, Shaq or Kobe?No?Sigh, I guess we're not in 1995 anymore lol.aRgh, Penny scarred me for life.
  2. mannnn... his ego is like on another level..another world, even...seriously, he treats Negreanu like he was just a wannabe amateur or even his groupie.
  3. What troubled me more was Daniel would have offered money if the guy was nice when he talked about the money he had. I hope Daniel doesn't really give away his money that fast to strangers. It might make him a target for leechers.
  4. Make this 3rd worst.post.ever.Did you forget about the Jesus thread(s)?what jesus thread? crap, how come im never around for the good ones? lol
  5. The place where assholes are bornI thought people from New Zealand were supposed to be nice 8) I think I'm studying abroad there in about a year and a halfi am nice....most of the time i just really dislike that guy seli long story....dude, im in new zealand.. and here's my advice...DONT GO TO THIS GOD-FORSAKEN HELLHOLE!!!!
  6. Awesome. My best friend graduated from South in '04what I would give to be a wildcat and sit next to Ashley Judd in March Madness
  7. new york city, new york.greatest city in the world baby.
  8. man, i didnt realize what paranoid asswipes the "regulars" in this forum are.chill, you can have your prize. I've been here for a month and if that makes a newb, then I won't enter or post.soooo not rocks and rings of y'all.
  9. pm me!!! lolcan someone pm me, cause theres nothing in my messagebox lolooh if you're going to pm me, why not leave an inspirational quote?or an anecdote!was that not rocks and rings?
  10. now this is what this forum needs...some girl action! lolsooo rocks and rings...after endless topics of hands.. we need some half naked chicks once in a while...
  11. okay this is my latest back-breaker..i raised with AA on early position and got called by a relatively tight player on late.flop goes 2-A-9 rainbow. so i bet the blind in hopes to try and trap the guy. he raises and i got him on a pair of nines or at most, a two pair, at that point. turn is a 9 and i made my full house. since i had him with a nine, my full house beats his possible trips, so i bet big knowing he'd call. and he did.river is a 6. i go all-in at that point. he calls as fast as humanly possible.i turn my aces a bit happily and then...he turns over two nines to make four of a kin
  12. okay, i need some help now.i dont know whats wrong but ive been losing continually lately.i dont think im playing that bad, but the cards just arent coming.ive never lost this much since i started playing a couple of years back.i need help here.. tips on how to get rid of this black cloud.i feel like rocky seeing images of mr T knocking him down after he lost in rocky 3.the only thing missing is the manager screaming "get up, ya bum!" and adrianne screaming " you cant win!" lolat this point, im even willing to try that positive thinking crap of imagining cards to make it happen crap...sigh
  13. lol yes, although that comment was directed at the magician..seems he's really good,,he managed to make the class disappear from poker ...umm ya swlol you two should get a room
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