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  1. It's sad to see how much people jump on and off the bandwagon. Everyone is used to to Daniel winning a lot of events since of his spectacular year in 2004, so our expectations are high but a little unrealistic. There is a lot of luck in these tournaments so you cant win 25% of the time, not even close. I know his expectations are high which you need to have in order to have confidence but if he wins 1 event, and makes 2 or 3 final tables a year, plus makes some money on his challenges matches, that's a successful poker player.It's funny people like Eric Seidel or Johnny Chan won't win a tour
  2. If you have seen the FULL TILT POKER commercial with Howard Lederer.The guys sucks out and proceeds to do an imitation of Michael Jackson in Thriller and then throws chip in the air and rubs them on his chest. Now that's a really good way to get a guy on tilt
  4. When your first to act and the guy who is next to act starts to grab chips and acts like hes counting while your counting, like he is going to call you, he's trying to act strong and you can lead right out and bet and take the pot down....most of the time.
  5. Why would they lose there credibility? What would they get red handed with? I don't understand...please explain.I LOVE TV POKER, but it is still boring, and i watch it cause i love poker. i think everyone watch's it because of that, not cause vince van patten is exciting. i would be AMAZED if tv poker made up hole cards. they would eventually get caught red handed by the players and lose all creditbiltity creating less ratings. they have alot more to lose than they have to gain by faking hole cards.ps, aren;t you the op? huh?Ok, I see what your saying now. Yeah I don't think they would do t
  6. Why would they lose there credibility? What would they get red handed with? I don't understand...please explain.
  7. Now, that this has been brought to my attention it really makes me dislike TV poker even more.I e-mailed Paul Phillips a while ago about ESPN missing out on, probably millions not showing the small events and for sure the main event on pay per view. World Poker Tour as well. He agreed with my thoughts on that and I would hyperlink you back to that post but for some reason I can't figure out how to do it on this site.My point is that for the serious poker player who really wants to improve there game this would be so helpful. The two most exciting TV tournaments for me, were The Turning Stone L
  8. I agree...there is NO WAY he lays pocket tens down there. NO WAY.
  9. I wouldn't blindly believe anyone, but Paul is an anlitical thinker and what he says makes perfect sense. Go back to his blog and click on the hyperlink(past efforts to expose it) and read the the Tony D simulation. It's both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.
  10. Paul Phillips always has some interesting posts. FCP.com and his website are the only poker related forums I keep up with.Here is his latest post, in which I complety agree with. What do you guys think?http://extempore.livejournal.com/110018.html
  11. is he some sort of fcuking clown to you? Is he hear to amuse you?
  12. I agree. People jump on and off the bandwagon so easily. It's pretty sad. You can't, won't, and will never play perfect every hand. Its what you do long term on the results you have that needs to be judged. I don't think this box could name all of Phil Ivey's accomplishment in his career.
  13. Mind you this heads up play was over 4 hours long. I remember it was at least that long because I was following it on cardplayer.com.I think he played great. He said in his exit interview "you go with your insticts, and sometimes your wrong" he might of put Jeffrey Lisandron on a bluff when he called with Q J and if he was wrong he probably thought a Q J 9 or ace was good. I don't mnd the call you have to go with your reads, that what got him there.
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